Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed Bug Heat TreatmentOnce you have identified that you have bed bugs in your home or workplace, you must immediately take action to eradicate and exterminate those bed bugs. Bed bugs reproduce extremely quickly and unfortunately the longer you wait to fight them, the more they will grow in population.

Viking offers bed bug heat treatments to effectively eliminate bed bugs while allowing you minimal preparation to your home or work environment. Unfortunately to treat bed bugs with conventional methods, the customer often needs to extensively prep their home or workplace before treatments can be performed. That is why heat treatments are so popular; they effectively eliminate bed bugs without disrupting your personal time and effort as much other methods of treatment.

Bed bug heat treatments work by raising the temperature in spaces, over an extended period of time to levels that will kill bed bugs. To get the heat to the desired temperature, Viking uses state of the art heat equipment that is designed to eliminate bed bugs. Once this service is complete bed bugs should be eliminated from your home or workplace. Viking Pest Control can also offer our K9 bed bug detection team to ensure that the problem is no longer present.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Action

Exterminate your Bed Bugs with Viking Bed Bug Extermination. Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment will help you exterminate bed bugs once and for all. Below is a short video on Viking’s Bed Bug Heat Treatment.

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