Do you need a K9 Bed Bug Inspection?

K9 Pest Control, Viking Pest Control, K9 Bed BugsBed bugs have become an epidemic and many people now want to be sure they have not brought these pests into their home. The human eye can only detect so much, and to thoroughly inspect a room with a trained eye would take hours. The same room can be inspected more accurately by one of our NESDCA Certified Canines in just minutes.

Bed bugs come into our homes in many ways; retail stores, movie theaters, restaurants, travelling, etc. So if you are unsure if you may or may not have them, or would just like peace of mind, give us a call to have Hagar or Helga to come and sniff/inspect your home!

How Accurate are Bed Bug Detection Dogs?

Viking Pest Control, Bed Bug Dog, NJ, PA, NY Pest Control CompanyWhile the human eye can only detect what it can see, our bed bug dogs can detect the bed bug scent, meaning that if a bug is behind a wall or in a mattress, the K-9 will detect it with amazing accuracy! But not just any scent, our Hagar and Helga have been specifically trained to only detect LIVE bed bugs and viable eggs! Many other bed bug detective dogs have been trained only to detect any bed bug scent. Because of this, our dogs will have minimal “false positives”. False positives are when a dog incorrectly signals that he or she has found bed bugs. Unfortunately, dogs are not 100% accurate, but they are very, very close to it. For that reason, it is important that the handler and dog have a very close relationship and that the handler is very familiar with his or her canine. Be careful before you choose just any bed bug dog service. The relationship between the dog and handler is very important along with the dog’s specific training background! Each of our canine handlers is a certified master trainer with The National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association. (NESDCA)

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    Allentown, PA
    My husband is allergic to bee's and Viking does everything possible to make sure our house is protected!!! Even emergency calls for nests are prompt and handled with care and concern!!! Love Viking!!
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    Middletown, NJ
    Friendly professional. Answer all my questions and concerns no matter how silly. Always friendly and conscious of our dog and children .Uniforms and badges. Great.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Franklin Twp, NJ
    Prompt courteous & get the job done. I like the fact that they call us to remind every 3 months .
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Dennis Twp, NJ
    Great service. Very friendly and hard working staff. Very satisfied with price for services received. Will use again if needed.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Westfield, NJ
    We are extremely pleased with the service of Viking Pest Control. Technicians are very prompt, knowledgeable, and professional; and they and the office staff are both efficient and couteous. We would definitely recommend them.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Tenafly, NJ
    They are always very responsive to my needs- I have been using the company for years!
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Warren, NJ
    Good treatment plans to get rid of unwanted pests.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Raritan Twp, NJ
    Their services are affordable and all the employees I have had interaction with have been very pleasant and extremely professional.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Parsippany Twp, NJ
    I've been a Viking customer for a couple of years now. They are very professional and courteous. When I had a recurrence of pests a short time after treatment, they came back to my home quickly and without question. I'm very happy with the service that Viking provides.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Readington Twp, NJ
    Courteous, friendly and professional service. I am a very satisfied customer.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    East Amwell Twp, NJ
    Our home was treated the day of our estimate, since then I have not seen one ant! The man who came to our home was also very nice and professional!
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Chester Twp, NJ
    Very knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you Viking!
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Burlington Twp, NJ
    Viking is very professional and also very reliable. I would recommend this company any time.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Branchville, NJ
    Live back in the woods in a wooden house! They take care using kid/pet friendly products so the ticks, fleas and house eating pests are kept away! They keep the schedule, so hassle free and come for free if you discover something that needs their attention! Kari O.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Washington Twp, NJ
    I have nothing but compliments for them. Scheduling is quick, the technician arrives on time, is very personable, and very thorough. I give them a 100% satisfaction.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Bellmawr, NJ
    Viking shows up when there supposed too. Very curtious. We had some pest issues and they are very experienced in taking care of the problem. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    East Brunswick, NJ
    I have had an issue with ants in my kitchen and I've tried different ways to get rid of them. I finally found Viking and gave them a try and I haven't had an ant issue or any other type of insect issue since. Whenever I have talked to anyone about anything at Viking, everyone has been very pleasant and helpful.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Clinton Twp, NJ
    I have been using Viking for years. They do a great job; on time and professional.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Bernards Twp, NJ
    Simply put: your house is an investment, you don't want pest invading or destroying it. These guys get the job done. Period.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews
    Lower Merion, PA
    Great professional service. Arrived on time and did a thorough inspection, and provided constructive solutions. Just started the treatment so cannot comment on the effectiveness of the solutions but I am confident it will be effective.
    Posted on: via ContactUs Reviews

When should you consider a K9 inspection with Hagar or Helga?

  • When you return from travel
  • Your child returns from camp, college dorms, or travel
  • Moving into a new home or apartment
  • If you have had tenants move out
  • You need inspection done for a larger area (i.e. theaters, retail stores, mass transit, hospitality rooms, etc)

Hagar and Helga are highly trained, bed bug detection dogs. Coming from one of the world’s most trusted and respected K-9 detection training facilities, Hagar and Helga are the most accurate bed bug detectives in the business. With our K-9’s we offer the most efficient and effective method of precise bed bug detection for:

NESDCA Certified Canine Handler Team: Helga & Frank Puncekar

Above: NESDCA Certified Canine Handler Team: Helga & Frank Puncekar

  • Your home
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Dormitories
  • Office Environments
  • Apartments
  • Theaters
  • Retail Stores
  • Multi-Unit Housing
  • Or Any Other Environment!

Dogs are most commonly known for being utilized to detect drugs, explosives and some can even detect cancer. But did you know that our canines can detect bed bugs? It’s true!



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