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Pest World For Kids

Hey all you future entomologists! Wait, do you know what an “Entomologist” is? An entomologist studies insects and their relationships to the environment, humans, and other organisms. It’s pretty fascinating! So do you want to learn more about bugs, what they look like up close, where they sleep, what they eat and what makes these fascinating creatures such pests? Enjoy a fun and educational journey at Pest Work For Kids.

Pest World For KidsJunior entomologists in grades K – 8 will discover fun information and learning activities, such as pest guides, a pest glossary, report writing center, science fair projects and interactive quizzes. Parents and teachers can access a library of lesson plans that support standards from the National Science Teachers Association and the National Council of Teachers of English.

At Pest World For Kids you’ll find all sorts of fun pest videos, guides, arts & crafts, science fair for kids, reports, lesson plans and more!

Be sure to check out the Pest World For Kids Pest Guide too!
Pests can be such, well, pests because they are very good at finding food and shelter in places we don’t want them to be.

All pests have special abilities that help them thrive in many different environments, including in and around our homes. Browse through the Pest Guide to learn about some incredible characteristics that make pests so challenging to get rid of. Search Now

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