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What you’ll see us do as we treat your home

 Trench and treat the outside foundation. The first basic step.

 Trench and treat inside the crawl space foundation wall. This is necessary if your house has a crawl space or a basement with a dirt floor.

 Treat the soil under a crawl space. If space is limited, we’ll usually have to drill small holes in the outside concrete wall surrounding the crawl space.

 Treat beneath the flower boxes or other parts of the structure that protrude out from the main structure.

 The soil in bath traps must be treated and access panels may have to be cut.

 Treat behind the brick veneer.

 Treat the spaces around the chimney.

 Treat hollow blocks.

 Treat cracks, expansion joints and voids under the basement floor or slab.

 Treat near the ducts in the slab.

 Treat the areas where the pipes and utility lines penetrate the slab or basement floor.

 Treat the soil beneath the porch and/or deck.

 Treat between the steps and house.

 Drill and inject the brick piers.

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Make your home a fortress against termites

Viking’s termite treatment creates an invisible underground barrier that prevents termite entry.

Our methods create “treatment zones” that will prevent future termite infestation. With today’s new science and creation of new materials, we can treat with less interruption of your home. We Guarantee it…

We also will provide annual inspections to safe-guard your home as long as you keep your coverage in effect.

And for you: the peace of mind that comes only in knowing your home investment has been treated professionally.

Your home is your castle. Make it a fortress against termites, as well.

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Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System

Viking Termite & Pest Control, Inc. has been authorized by Dow AgroSciences to install and maintain the Sentricon System. This termite elimination system provides you with an alternative to traditional termite treatments. Talk to your Viking representative today and learn more about this system.

Viking performs the following steps:

  • First, your property is carefully inspected for signs of termites.
  • Then, Sentricon stations will be placed in the soil around your building. Where a building is edged with concrete sidewalks, driveways or parking lots, a concrete coring device may be used to place the stations.
  • The stations will be regularly scanned with electronic tools for termite activity without disturbing landscaping.
  • When termites are discovered a Baitube device containing Recruit termite bait will be placed in stations near the activity.
  • Termites that feed on the bait will begin the process of eliminating the colony.
  • After the colonies are eliminated the bait will be replaced with new monitoring devices.
  • Viking will continue to electronically inspect monitoring devices to discover any new colony that might invade your property.
  • This service will automatically continue at the end of your original service agreement, year after year to provide you peace of mind. Your service agreement explains the details of continued service.

Let our trained professional representative inform you of your treatment options. Make sure you call Viking today to schedule an inspection of your home and get all the facts about professional termite control.

*Sentricon is a registered trademark of Dow Agrosciences, LLC


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