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Viking’s Professional Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can cause damage to homes. They hold water that can backup into the house and cause severe water damage, electrical fires, ruin insulation, attract insects and other pests, etc. All of these can lead to structural damage. Clogged gutters of leaves and twigs will cause the gutter to become overweighed with standing water. The water filled gutters eventually force water to run over them and onto the ground below, causing surface erosion around the house and possible water problems in the basement. In the winter, the standing water in the gutter turns to ice that may backup under the roof. Eventually, gutters may begin to fall off. Viking can help. Our home improvement division will clean all gutters and downspouts by physical removal of all leaves, twigs, and other debris.

Professional Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning
Provided by MasterCare, a division of Viking Termite & Pest Control, Inc.
Clean maintained air ducts may relieve symptoms of allergies, asthma, respiratory discomfort or other illnesses related to poor air quality. Our vacuuming and scrubbing system is specifically designed to go deep into your duct work and clean dust, dirt and allergens lurking inside of your home’s heating and cooling system. All ducts, including the main duct, are vacuumed with industrial grade equipment. We use highly effective HEPA filters that are designed to trap particles as thin as 1/300th of a human hair and to filter out 99.97% of dust and other irritants. In addition, we can offer you complete deodorizing of your system and electrostatic air filters that will protect your newly cleaned system.

Before and After
Electrostatic Air Filter

Clogged drier vents may cause fires and allow for dangerous levels of carbon monoxide buildup in your home. Our professionals will clean your dryer vent at your request, and if performed along with air duct cleaning, at a discounted price.

Chimney Cap Installation
Chimney Caps do more than just exclude wildlife, such as raccoons, squirrels and birds from entering you chimney. These caps also protect the chimney from damaging rain and leaves, which mix with creosote in the chimney and turn into a highly corrosive acid. It seeps down and attacks the mortar joints that hold the chimney together.

Insect Light Traps
Insect light traps provide control for many types of flying insects attracted to certain UV light rays. They are particularly effective in controlling different species of flies. Many species of flies are the cause of many health related illnesses and disease.

Viking can provide you with a range of systems for use in the home, restaurant, commercial or industrial settings. If needed, careful consideration to placement and recommended application is provided by Viking’s expert inspectors. From flying insect electricutors to specially designed light attracted glue traps – Viking has the solution to your flying insect problem.

“Filth” Fly Control
From the common house fly to the annoying fruit fly – Viking Termite & Pest Control, Inc. offers free inspections to provide valuable information on how to control infestations of all types of filth flies. Infestations of these types of flies are usually a result of sanitation and/or structural deficiencies. In addition to providing you with valuable information on how you may improve the sanitation in your home or facility, Viking has various services and solutions that can help in drastically reducing, or eliminating, fly populations. These services include drain cleaning maintenance programs, degreasing foam applications, flying insect traps or other services designed to control flies.

Nuisance Animal Control
Different types of nuisance animals can enter or damage your home and property. Unless they are paying you rent you need to consider the professionals at Viking to develop a program to exclude entry of unwanted animals. Viking also provides trapping programs for some types of larger mammals, such as squirrels and raccoons, prior to structural exclusion alterations.

Bats, although quite beneficial in reducing unwanted flying insects such as mosquitoes, are not always welcome guests within the home. There are certain times of the year when bats can safely be excluded without secondary pest related problems. Entry and exit areas are carefully fitted with materials that will allow the bats to exit your home, but not able to return to the same area. After it is determined that they are gone for good, the entry areas can be permanently closed.

Viking’s professionals will provide you with a free estimate to keep those unwanted critters out of your home.


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