Spring is finally here, and as you pack your suitcases for spring break, keep these bed bug detection and prevention tips in mind when checking in to your hotel room.

Spring Break Pest Tips

  1. Be aware and be diligent – Pull the sheets back and look in the seams of the mattress. Open drawers to night stands and dressers and look for bed bugs. If infested, you’ll see them in the corners of the furniture or underneath
  2. Ask the hotel if there have been any bed bugs reported – They are obligated to tell you
  3. When returning home, leave your luggage outside or in your garage – Put your clothes in plastic bags and seal them
  4. Vacuum your luggage and other items you took with you – Make sure to throw away the vacuum bag when you are done

Continue to check for signs of bed bugs in your home once you return, and if you need Peace of Mind, call Viking and we will inspect your home. In addition to our highly trained staff of Pest Management Professionals, we have a K-9 Team for Bed bug detection. Call the bed bug experts at 1-800-618-BUGS (2847)

Interested in learning more about Viking’s Bed Bug Detection Dogs? Click here to learn more!


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