When it comes to pest control, you can’t be too careful. Pest control chemical agents can be harmful, even deadly. Ideally, if you live in New Jersey, you will call a professional when your pest control needs become serious. Here are some dos and don’ts of pest control in New Jersey.

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DO take the problem seriously.

If you see just one ant, you probably have nothing to worry about. However, many people leave their pest control issues until it is too late. Take the problem seriously. When you notice any kind of pest in your home or business, do something about it immediately.

DO prevent the problem or nip it in the bud.

Prevention is the best way to manage pests. Most pest prevention in New Jersey is common sense: don’t leave food out, dispose of your garbage regularly in tightly sealed bins, get rid of clutter, seal any holes in your home, and eliminate all sources of standing water.

DO call an expert when you are unsure about anything.

You may have some success with home remedies but generally it is best to call a pest control expert in New Jersey because they will know exactly what the problem is, how to get at the root cause of it, and will understand the targeted solutions for the exact species of pest you have.

DON’T use pesticides carelessly.

Especially if you have children, using pesticides on your own can lead to serious problems. It is best to call an expert because many of the chemicals you can buy in a store might not be effective for pest control but they can still be harmful to you and your family.

DON’T dispose of pesticides carelessly.

Even the containers you buy in the stores need to be properly disposed of, and not simply tossed in the trash.


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