Bees are incredible creatures, crucial for pollination and maintaining the integrity of our ecosystems. However, wild bees can establish hives in inconvenient places. When bees set up colonies in your backyard, they could become aggressive and sting you or someone you know. Because some people are seriously allergic to bee stings, it becomes critical for small business owners and homeowners to remove beehives on their property. You could be culpable for negligence if you fail to do so, either yourself or by a qualified professional. If you find a beehive on your property and want to learn how to remove it safely, read on.
    1. Find Out Exactly Where The Hive Is

      Before you take steps to remove the hive, try to find out exactly where the hive is, and whether it is accessible to you or not. Early detection is best—if you notice bees around your house in late winter orearly spring, the colony might still be small enough to prevent it from growing out of control. Some bees are clever enough to establish their hives in out of the way places, where you have trouble reaching them without actually cutting holes in your property. If the hive is fully visible, you can try some of the DIY methods. If not, call a professional pest control service immediately to minimize the damage to your home.

    2. If you can, determine whether the bees are honeybees or not before proceeding. Beekeeping professionals are often willing to relocate honeybee hives where they can produce honey for profit. If you are certain the bees are not honeybees, the next step would be to fumigate or spray the hive. Unfortunately, this process will involve killing the bees.
    3. Ideally, remove the hive when the bees are least active. Their rest period tends to be in the early morning or in the early evening. Wear protective gear including gloves and beekeeper veil and spray the hive. When the bees are all dead, you can safely remove the hive and clean up the area.banner-carpenter-bees remove a beehive


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