Bed bugs are an unfortunate fact of life in New York, and can occur anywhere, even in the cleanest of homes and businesses. Fortunately, bed bug removal is a relatively straightforward and common process. Yet for bed bug removal to be effective, you need to know what to do before and after the procedure to make sure that the bed bug population has been totally eradicated.

Do Not wait

First, do not wait. As soon as you detect bed bugs, get your place inspected. This mistake is all too common among people who think that the problem will go away simply by wishing it away. Like any other pest, bed bugs propagate rapidly. What was once a small colony can become a household infestation.

Target all the areas/Rooms

Second, do not make the mistake of only focusing on one piece of furniture or even one room. If you call a bed bug specialist in New York like Viking, they will remind you that bed bugs can live in chairs, floors, and in closets. Effective bed bug removal does not just target the areas you know bed bugs are living, such as mattresses.

Locate Hidden Areas

A professional service should be offering you detection services that help locate hidden areas where the colonies are breeding. You could waste a lot of money by assuming that bed bugs are only living in the bed. Detection services done properly find problems and eradicate them efficiently and cost-effectively. Common detection services may include the use of dogs trained to smell the bed bugs.

Finally, use the bed bug problem as an opportunity to take action by getting rid of clutter and laundering or tossing out all the old fabrics and linens in your home. Avoid the mistakes most people in New York make by procrastinating on bed bugs and call a bed bug removal service now.


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