exterminator maryland house pest controlPest control – or the services of a professional exterminator like Viking Pest – are little mystery, and lots of hard work. Truly professional pest services will be able to easily and quickly identify the source of infestation within a home, gauge the approximate danger, and estimate both the time and method used as a solution.

They keep homes safe, make them a better, healthier place to live in, and drastically improve the quality of life for countless households. Take bed bugs, for example – 20% of Americans have had to deal with them or know someone who did, mostly in urban areas, as per Pest World. Pest services help keep these problems at bay, and stop the spread of possible infections or skin conditions.

The rules are different for every service, but at the heart of it, every exterminator has the same rudimentary goals in mind when tackling any pest:

Audit the Area

One of the main skills within the repertoire of an experienced exterminator is a fifth sense and third eye for the location and general state of a possible infestation. With time, an exterminator will develop a keen sense and rote knowledge of what the signs and evidence of various different pests look like, from mice and rats to weevils, ticks, silverfish and others.

As such, step one is the thoroughly investigate, utilizing both proven scientific methods and sheer experience. After finding enough evidence, an assessment is made of the damage and potential costs associated with removal and clean-up.

Every pest control assessment ends with the formulation of a plan unique to the home and circumstances of the household – together with a quote, so families know what to expect logistically and financially.
In the case of businesses, one of the most important skills an extermination service can possess is the ability to complete audits quickly and effectively, and then immediately present the best solutions. Businesses are held hostage by pests, and ignoring such a problem could lead to the end of a restaurateur, hotelier or retailer’s career.

Following Through

After it’s been established what needs to be done, a schedule and date is set for extermination to begin. The methods utilized by pest services vary and differ between the different kinds of pests existing in a home.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution – but there is always a solution. A qualitative pest control service will find it for you.


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