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If you have pets, then you are almost certainly aware of the risk that fleas and ticks pose to their health. While a minor flea or tick infestation is a nuisance for a healthy pet, a major flea or tick infestation can pose a serious health risk to pets who are elderly, very young, or have health problems, and can even put otherwise healthy dogs at serious risk. As opportunistic blood-sucking parasites, fleas and ticks will not stop at feeding on your family pets; they will also feed on family members, and can live in fabric surfaces of your home, like carpet and upholstery. This means that a minor flea or tick problem can become a major nuisance very quickly.

Health risk associated with fleas and ticks

Of course, the real health risk associated with fleas and ticks has less to do with the blood that they drink and more to do with their potential for spreading disease. Although fleas are not generally disease spreaders, they are known to be linked to the spread of the single most significant deathly illness event in human history: the Bubonic plague. Modern fleas can still carry the plague as well as a lesser known disease, murine typhus. The risk of contracting either of these diseases through flea bites is relatively low, but it remains a possibility.

On the contrary, ticks are frequent carriers of Lyme disease, and the risk of transmission is not insignificant. In fact, tick bites are the only known means of transmission of Lyme Disease, which impacts 300,000 people a year in the United States. Lyme Disease has both immediate flu-like symptoms and possible long-term symptoms such as joint pain, swelling, and chronic fatigue. While antibiotics may be able to help prevent Lyme Disease if a tick bite is discovered immediately, bites often go undetected and antibiotics are not helpful after that initial exposure period, making prevention a key.

Did you know? According To WebMD The investigators discovered that most of the affected children lived near wooded areas likely to harbor ticks. They also found that the children’s first symptoms typically started in the summer months coinciding with the height of the tick season.

Viking Pest Control can help you eliminate your risk of exposure to fleas and ticks We can treat your home and your yard to exterminate existing fleas and ticks as well as preventing future infestations. Combining these treatments with effective veterinarian-recommended flea and tick medications for your pets can virtually eliminate your risk of a flea or tick infestation in your home or yard. You can increase your personal protection by using a DEET based insect repellant, covering your skin, and checking thoroughly for ticks after exposure to areas where ticks are likely.


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