Viking Pest Control of Delaware

Providing Delaware pest control service to New Castle, Kent and Sussex counties.

Viking Pest Control provides all of Delaware pest control. Our technicians are licensed, certified and we are completely insured! With Viking you are hiring a company that makes customer service and care a priority! On-going training, the use of the newest and greatest products and innovative programs are part of what make Viking your best choice in pest control.

Whether you are in Wilmington, Dover, Newark or Bear, Viking Pest Control has got you covered. Some of the most common pests to Delaware are ants, spiders, mice and stink bugs! Feel free to check out any of our services in the Viking Pest Library.

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3 Reviews:

  1. I no longer could take on the ants myself and my wife was ready to move out. I called Viking and they came right out, evaluated my problem and did the service required. They were fair, efficient and successfully rid me of my ant problem. I must say that the technician was professional and extremely knowledgeable. Great company and fair pricing. I did sign up for their Convenience Plan to avoid future problems.

    • Thank you very much! Glad we could be of service to you and your wife! Don’t forget with our Convenience Plan you can call us any time for a no charge visit for any covered pest! Have a great night!

  2. Experience and excellent knowledgeable technician, helpful and future precaution advice.

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