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As we approach the fall consider our Yard Guard program to help you deal with mosquitoes that will start to overwinter. Our technicians will inspect your property and give you guidance and recommendations to prevent and eliminate mosquito breeding sites. We are lucky here in the Northeast U.S. that we don’t have Sabethes spp. Mosquitoes. While they are beautiful to look at, these Latin American mosquitoes pack a big punch in regards to bites and diseases. Just look at these beautiful creatures. ( Courtesy Gil Wizen at http://gilwizen.com/sabethes)

About Sabethes

“There is no other mosquito in the world that has such an elegant appearance: its body is quite large, covered with blue and green iridescent scales. The legs are exceptionally long, each bearing a wide flattened brush of hairs, like a paddle. During flight the legs are extended forward and backwards, partially curved, giving the hovering mosquito a unique “aircraft” appearance. Members of the genus are found only in northern Latin America, and the females are important vectors of several tropical diseases, such as yellow fever and dengue fever.

The function of the paddles found on the legs of males and females is poorly understood. A scientific study showed that males court and mate normally even when the paddles are removed, whereas paddle-less females are rarely approached by males. It is widely accepted among evolutionary scientists that elaborate ornaments on females take part in reversal of the sex roles, where females compete among themselves for the attention of and mating with the males. This may be a possible explanation for the extensive ornamentation on Sabethes females. Like many tropical mosquito species, Sabethes reproduce in small tree holes or bromeliads, where accumulating rainwater serves as medium for their aquatic larvae.”




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