Six pest-removal myths that should be eliminated

1. If you don’t see it, it’s not there

Pests have evolved to live alongside us and take advantage of our hospitality. Unless you check every inch of your home, you probably have some type of pest living with you.

2. Pests love dirt

“Dirt” is a matter of perception: You can scrub your home until it glistens, and it will not make a difference to many pests. However, we suggest always to tidy up some messes, as they’re potential food sources.

3. Just put the food out of reach

You can’t simply place food on a higher shelf or shut it behind a door. The smallest scrap of food can go a long way. If pests can’t get food and water from your home, they’ll set up camp in your home, and venture out to the yard for its meals.

4. Drive them out with high-frequency noise

It’s true that many pests can hear frequencies that we cannot detect. While pests are likely hearing these noise, this may not even bother them.

5. Animals hate hot peppers

Researchers have found treating areas with capsaicin does deter rats, but use the capsaicin to send them towards eating poison bait.

As for insects, they seem to think the spice is an actual heat source. So they will flee, but only to cooler area such as your basement.

6. Get a cat!

Unless your pet has free range from the attic to the basement, pests will hide where it can’t—go. And bad infestations will defy even any cat.

What actually works?

Your best bet is preventative repairs and cleaning. Weather-seal the outside of your home, fill in small spaces where rodents or insects might hide, seal up anything organic like shoe polish and trash. When all else fails, or when you are dealing with an infestation, call the professionals at Viking, we will be more than happy to deal with the problem.

Credit Dan Seitz and Popular Science


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