Property Management

Maximizing Your Pest Management Investment

When it comes to multi-unit residential dwellings, a minor pest can quickly escalate into a major nuisance.

And we understand, as a property manager, you’re looking for service options that will prevent and eliminate pests, while protecting your residents, tenants, and property.
With Viking Pest, our services will meet and exceed your expectations. Our preventative approach from general pests like ants, spiders, flies, and cockroaches will help provide a piece of mind to you and your tenants.

Viking’s strategy for managed properties is to conduct a complete property evaluation, including grounds, common areas, trash bins, recycling locations, and build a plan around your specific needs. Our proactive approach focuses on prevention, rather than reaction, including regular inspections, 24/7 live operator, and immediate responses to any potential issues.

Viking Advantage

Do you have multiple properties? Concerned about having various pest control companies? Viking's vast presence means there is most likely a Viking office right in your neighborhood. If any pest does find a way into your business, Viking's professionals are there at a moment's notice. We take care of the situation discreetly and work with you for long-term relief. That's the Viking Advantage Commitment: A Regional coverage with a local touch.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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