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If you have noticed signs of termite damage or rodents have taken up residence in your home, do not ignore the matter and hope it goes away. Pests can breed at fast rates! An ant or two can become a whole colony; while mice can reproduce every three weeks! One call to Viking Pest is all it takes for our exterminator team to be on the way. We carry everything needed to resolve a swarm of mosquitos, infestation of Carpenter Bees, Wasp or Hornets Nests to Termites and Ticks.

Bed Bug Detection is our Specialty

One of the pests that is most problematic is Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs can be very difficult to find until large numbers are present. We use specially trained Bed Bug detection dogs to check for the presence of Bed Bugs. If our dogs tell us there is an issue, we use advanced elimination methods which provide optimal results. Discreet, courteous, professional and highly effective, we look forward to providing the treatment and removal of your pest problem.

Pest Solutions in Rockland

We know the temperature change in Rockland can frequently cause infestations to develop rapidly. To reduce the likelihood of pest, our technicians can work with you on preventative steps ensuring pests will not enter your home. Our team covers the whole Rockland area, from Surlingham to Yelverton and beyond. To find out more, or to schedule a FREE Inspection, call us at (800) 618-BUGS.


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