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Summer Home Service Plan

Summer is right around the corner and as you pack your bags and head to the beach, lake, or mountains, you’ll probably find that pests have been calling your summer home their home during the cold winter months.

Viking understands the frustration of wanting pest protection for your summer home, but the hesitation of signing a yearly service plan for a space that is mainly occupied May – September. Viking is proud to announce our Summer Home Service Plan which is a month-by-month plan offered May – September so you can have the flexibility of receiving top-of-the-line pest prevention without signing a yearly service plan.

This plan includes a thorough inspection and treatment of the exterior perimeter, interior treatments (if applicable), exterior web removal and rodent prevention in addition to our unlimited additional services for covered pests. With plans starting at $45 a month, you will receive protection against Rodents, Wasps, Silverfish, Roaches, Ants, and many more! Not to mention an increased peace of mind and comfort of knowing you have a plan to deal with pests.

Call Viking Pest today at 1-800-618-2847 for a full list of covered pests with our Summer Home Service Plan!

Sit down, relax and send pests packing! One call gets them all!


*Summer Home Service Plan valid from 05/25/20 – 09/07/20. Not valid for primary residence. Prices may vary based on square footage.

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