Bird Control FAQ’s

Q: Can sound be used to frighten birds away?
BD: Distress and predator bird sounds work best, but will sometimes be short-lived unless combined with other control measures.

Q: Do fake owls and other visual deterrents work?
BD: Anything new in a bird’s environment will have an impact. But pest birds will soon become accustomed to these items and ignore them.

Q: Aren’t birds protected by Federal Law?
BD: Pigeons, starlings, and sparrows are not federally protected, but many bird species are protected by The Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Viking Bird Control (Formerly Bird Doctor) uses special care when handling issues involving protected species.

Q: Are there control methods that will not harm birds?
BD: Yes Viking Bird Control (Formerly Bird Doctor) uses many ledge deterrents and exclusion devices in its control programs.

Q: Are bird droppings dangerous?
BD: Yes, bird droppings can be dangerous. They may harbor disease-causing organisms.

Q: Can bird droppings damage surfaces?
BD: Yes, bird droppings are acidic and can damage roofs, machinery, auto finishes, and even surfaces like concrete or steel.

Q: Do birds carry fleas and ticks?
BD: Yes, birds carry fleas, ticks, mites and other parasites that can be transferred to humans.

Q: Are licenses and permits required to do bird control?
BD: Viking Bird Control (Formerly Bird Doctor) has nuisance wildlife control and pesticide applicator licenses in the states that require them. In some instances, permits may be required for control of certain species or for the closing of streets and sidewalks.

Q: Does Viking Bird Control (Formerly Bird Doctor) follow OSHA safety standards?
BD: Yes, safety is always a priority. Viking Bird Control (Formerly Bird Doctor) personnel regularly attend safety training, use proper safety equipment, and always follow the safety protocols of the facility that they are working at.

Q: Is the work guaranteed?
BD: All work is guaranteed for both material and workmanship.

Q: Will there be a disruption to my business during bird control?
BD: That depends entirely on the individual circumstances of the job site. However, Viking Bird Control (Formerly Bird Doctor) will make every effort to cause as little disruption as possible and schedule accordingly.

Q: Can I get a free evaluation of my bird problem?
BD: Yes, Viking Bird Control (Formerly Bird Doctor) will send an inspector to make an evaluation of your bird problem at no cost or obligation to you.


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