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Bird Netting

Bird Nesting, NY, NJ, DA, PA  Bird Nesting

Bird netting is used for the total exclusion of all types of birds. With proper installation, no birds can penetrate the netting.   Net is ideal for loading docks, courtyards, under bridges, under highways and on balconies.

Because pest birds vary in size,  bird net is available in different mesh sizes for different birds.   For example, 3/4” mesh for sparrows and swallows, 1-1/8” mesh for starlings, 2” mesh for pigeons. Obviously, smaller birds can penetrate larger mesh nets, so care must be taken to identify the pest birds correctly.

Bird net is comprised of six monofilaments, each 12/1000” thick with U.V. stabilizers added. Monofilaments are twisted together to produce a strong twine with 160-200 twists per meter providing an ISO 1806 protocol mesh tested in excess of 40 lbs.   Net is waterproof, rot proof and warrantied for up to ten years for black ¾” net.

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New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania

Bird Spike

Bird Spike Installation Bird Spike Installation

Bird spikes are a good deterrent for larger birds on ledges, such as pigeons and seagulls.  Not suitable for smaller birds like sparrows, where nests can be easily created in between spikes.   Stainless steel spikes that are rust free are recommended over plastic spikes, which can break and crack.   Spike is available in a variety of widths and can be installed to deter larger bird roosting.  Spike is a minimum of 40 spikes per foot in linear array with “no gap” center spike and non-staggered design.

Bird Flat Track

Bird Flat Track Installation Bird Flat Track Installation

There are numerous types of electric-shock systems on the market.   This is a solar powered or 110 volts hard-wired, low-profile system that cannot be seen from ground level.  Applications are great for ledges, rooflines, parapet ledges on Retail store signs, landmark buildings, and monuments.

Flat track is a 1-1/2” wide rubber base with two (2) strips of Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel,  knitted wire mesh sewn into the top of the strip for easy installation and maximum adhesion.   Installation is quick and when installed properly is a very effective deterrent for all size birds.

Bird Pin and Wire

Bird Pin and Wire Installation Bird Pin and Wire Installation

Bird wire systems, also called pin and wire or post and wire is effective for larger birds such as pigeons and seagulls.  Effective for ledges, rooflines, parapet ledges, pipes and conduits, a 3 to 5 inch post is installed by drilling into the substrate or mounting a hard plastic based.   Stainless steel wire is mounted using a tensions spring at one end to absorb the shock of birds trying to land.  Birds will not land on an obstructed surface.

Bird Slope/Slide

Bird Slope Slide Installation Bird Slope Slide Installation

Bird Slope/Slide is an anti-perching, anti-roosting, deterrent that is effective against all types of birds. Each section is 4’ long, 7” wide and can be extended for deeper ledges.  The slope is made of a UV protected outdoor grade PVC and can be glued down to most surfaces.

Bird Spiders / Daddy Long Leg, Wire Deterrents

Bird Spider Installation Bird Spider Installation

Spiders are effective for parapet ledges, light poles and small landing areas.   Many spiders rotate in the wind and confuse birds with the movement as well as the physical deterrent.  Spider wire is stainless steel and will not rust or deteriorate in outdoor installations.   If mounted on patio block, spiders can be moved to other areas if birds migrate to another ledge.

Harvesting/Mist Netting

Mist nets are a fine mesh net hung from i-beams or rafters designed to trap small birds.  Laser light is used to move birds from roosting areas and drive toward the nets.  Birds are removed from the net and released.


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