About Centipedes Treatment New Jersey

How do I recognize centipedes?

There are two species of centipede commonly encountered in our area. The first is the garden centipede. It is rust brown in color and has more than a dozen pair of legs. The house centipede, is black striped with lighter bands. Both can move very quickly when disturbed. They are often called “thousand leggers”.

Where did I get centipedes from?

This pest reproduces in mulch, leaf litter and other areas rich in organic matter like clogged rain gutters. These areas have the small insects the baby centipedes need. They often enter through gaps, under doors and openings in the home. A large amount of centipede activity usually means there is an environment conducive to their growth near the structure.

How do I get rid of centipedes?

Removing organic materials like leaf litter and thinning out mulch beds help to reduce exterior pest pressure. Did you know that Viking has a professional gutter cleaning division and can help with those clogged rain gutters by removing the debris that this pest flourishes in? Closing gaps in homes to prevent this pest from entering also helps reduce the number that may enter your home.

What are centipede’s effects on me or my home?

Much like spiders, centipedes are beneficial because they actively hunt other insects. However, they are equipped with modified front legs that can inject a painful sting although this rarely happens to humans. The sting has been likened to that of a bee sting. Their fast motion and lots of legs tend to make this a quite unpopular pest. They do not do any structural damage or otherwise affect your home.

How we protect your home or property from centipedes!

Viking offers a wide range of services to help control this pest. From helping to remove leaf debris high up in gutters, to the latest in products designed to keep this pest out, we can assess your situation and best determine how to handle this pest in the safest, most effective manner possible. Please contact Viking today to receive a free inspection to your home and a treatment plan tailored to your needs!


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