Squirrels, Groundhogs & Raccoons

Squirrels, Groundhogs & Raccoons


Squirrels are common home and building invaders, often nesting and giving birth in an attic, soffit, or ventilation system. Inspect your home periodically to make sure your home is free of gaps where squirrels can enter and make nests. Once inside, squirrels are difficult to remove as they consider your home to be their new home. Trapping, tunneling, and exclusion are usually the only means of ridding your home of their presence. After squirrels have been removed, exclusion is recommended to keep other squirrels from moving in. Read More on Squirrel Control Here


Groundhogs are a common outdoor nuisance. Though not harmful to humans, they can do damage to even a well-protected garden or flower patch. Groundhogs like to make their home under a deck, porch, shed, or garage and burrow into the soft ground. Trapping and relocating the animal is the best way to handle this pest. Relocation of the groundhog to a natural wooded area that is not high is best for both the home owner and the animal. Read More on Groundhog Control Here.


Raccoons are nocturnal animals that are highly intelligent and dangerous to humans when rabid. Raccoons can become extremely aggressive when threatened and should not be approached by non-professional technicians. It is common for raccoons to make homes in attics, entering through an open or broken soffit. Raccoons are also attracted to trash, so keep your area as clean as possible to avoid attracting theses scavengers. Trapping and removal is best for this animal. Read More on Raccoon Control Here.


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