Bed Bug Removal NJ, PA, DE & MD

Do you have bedbugs? The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to call a professional exterminator. Are you worried you might have bed bugs and want an inspection to find out for certain? Viking Pest Control is a bed bug exterminator serving Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. We would be happy to inspect your home or establishment to help you determine whether or not you need treatment to exterminate bed bugs.Once you have identified that you have bed bugs in your home or workplace, you must immediately take action to eradicate them. Bed bugs reproduce extremely quickly and unfortunately the longer you wait to fight them, the more they will grow in population.Viking only uses highly trained, licensed and insured technicians to treat for bed bugs. We have designated bed bug teams that routinely work together to eliminate bed bugs. Treatment for bed bugs is not an easy, quick process. It requires a certain level of expertise, patience, and thoroughness to ensure an effective removal of this pest.

Our teams will go into your home or work-space and professionally evaluate, treat and eradicate bed bugs from the environment. We send multiple staff members during our intensive services to be able to efficiently remove bed bugs from all pieces of furniture, decorations, flooring, moldings, and walls. Each step in our service is done with care and thoroughness to make sure you get the very best in bed bug removal. Viking Pest Control can also offer our K9 bed bug detection team to ensure that the problem is no longer present.

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Bed Bug Detection and Prevention



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