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Commercial Services

No matter what business you are in, pests can cause havoc to your infrastructure or reputation. Learn more about Viking’s Pest Management System including SMART Technology, C.A.R.E Program, and our organic options. Whatever the industry or facility Viking Pest can help maintain a pest-free environment.

The Viking Advantage

Commercial Pest Control With Experience, Quality, and Results

Commercial pest control present challenges that simply do not exist in a residential environment. The steps you take to control rodents, flies or any pest at home can’t compare to commercial pest control. That is why, adequate planning, experience, and expertise are at Viking’s core value.

With four decades of experience, Viking offers commercial pest management programs with innovative solutions. Our unmatched customer service with state of the art technology effectively protect your business and brand from unwanted pests.

Complete Commercial Services for a Pest Free Environment

Let our Pest Management Professionals solve your specific pest problems.
As the industry leader in pest control, Viking has a solution for your situation.

From German, American, Oriental, Brown Banded, and Wood Roaches each pose unique problems. Standard sanitation practices do help, but when those practices break down, what do you do. Don’t rely on OTC products that can drive the cockroaches deeper into cracks. Partner with Viking and we can apply several different products and techniques to treat your cockroach concern in the safest, most effective possible manner.


Found in kitchens, bathrooms, sidewalks, logs, mulch and other debris, and are all in search for one thing, water, and food. Control of Ants should begin with an attempt to locate the origin and its nest. Viking can save your time with a thorough inspection and proper identification. Viking technicians will then apply the correct controls to the appropriate locations at the right intervals – thereby providing immediate and lasting pest control relief.

Fly ControlFly Control

Flies vary greatly in their preference for a breeding site. They reproduce in everything from pet feces, sewage, to earthworms. Damaged plumbing, unsealed gaps in the building and even exterior lighting may be sources of flies. Because of this diversity, it is always best to let Viking’s highly trained group of inspectors perform a free inspection of your facility to determine the source of your fly problem.

Bird ControlBird Control

Birds may present a host of challenges to your property. With the proper placement of spikes, nets, and electronic sensors, our bird management team can address your concerns quickly and permanently.

Mosquito & Tick ControlMosquito & Tick Control

To effectively control these pests, Viking technicians analyze your facility grounds to determine an optimal solution. With regular landscaping and timely spraying of the property, Viking can help establish a Mosquito and Tick free area.

Bed Bug ControlBed Bug Control

Bed bug infestations can become a public relations nightmare, resulting in a damaged reputation and lost revenue. With Viking’s Peace of Mind Program, we use state of the art tools, methods, and processes to ensure your facility is kept pest free.

State of the Art Rodent ControlState of the Art Rodent Control

Anticimex Smart: The Intelligent, Effective, and Discreet Application for a Worry-Free Pest Environment. After a comprehensive multi-point site inspection, we design a Smart Pest Management Program utilizing a network of sensors and non-toxic traps. With 24/7 monitoring, we identify additional points of penetration and modify sensors and traps accordingly. On a scheduled basis, you’ll receive detailed reports showing a decrease in pest activity.

Leed Certification

Earn Two Credits with Viking's Integrated Pest Management Program.

If your commercial property is seeking to "go green" and obtain a LEED certification, Viking offers an Integrated Pest Management Program. It is a system that helps utilizes natural sustainable measures to help reduce environmental impact. We use the latest pest biology and habitat observations to create a holistic, environmentally-friendly pest control system with minimal pesticide usage. Once established, your building qualifies for two credits toward LEED "Existing Building Operations and Maintenance" certification.

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The Industry Leader
The Industry Leader

Throughout the Tri-state Area, Delaware Valley and Eastern Shore of Maryland

Your business may have multiple locations, and so do we. Viking has various field offices, ready to serve each of your company’s locations at a moment’s notice. You get the national coverage you need, with the local and immediate customer care for which Viking is known.