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SMART Cities: Digital Eco-Friendly Rodent Control For Your Community

Rodent populations have soared in towns and cities following pandemic lockdowns, and bigger problems demand better solutions.  Anticimex SMART Cities is an innovative, environmentally friendly rodent control system designed to target and eliminate rodents above and below city streets. 

The Anticimex SMART system is linked wirelessly, communicating rodent activity to our office. This information targets rodent infestations where they start and eliminates them at the source.  

Make today’s rodent problems a thing of the past with Anticimex SMART Cities.  

SMART Cities - Anticimex Smart Rodent Control

“SMART City” Concept

  • Detailed site evaluations of target areas to identify deployment above grade or in sewer system
  • Deployment of equipment to hotspots to reduce pressure
  • Data analysis to determine reductions in population

“SMART City” Data

  • Visual representation to determine hotspots for rodent control and additional efforts that may be needed
  • "Gatekeeper" monitoring to ensure pest pressure does not rise

SMART Sensor Technology

  • PIR, or Passive InfraRed sensor technology. This sensor in the trap detects activity for monitoring or eliminating, and if the temperature of the object in front of it is different than its environment and/or moving.
  • Temperature sensor. This sensor detects when the environment or product is too hot or too cold.
  • Power sensor. This sensor monitors the battery status.
  • Water sensor. The water sensor monitors if the product is flooded.
  • Sensor technology is awake 24/7, always ready to detect and act on any activity, giving you peace of mind as you run your business.
“SMART City” Difference
  • Monitoring system requires physical readings
  • Gives no information when an activity has occurred
  • Hard to tell how many pests and how often they appear
  • No focus on sewers
  • Very often relies on toxic pesticides
  • Actively sends information when there is activity
  • Sends date and time information for activities
  • Predicts a near-infestation based on trend curves from each device
  • Unique trap for sewers
  • Non-toxic
"SMART City" Equipment

Smart Eye

Smart Eye is the sensor used to detect and report movement. Because of its small size, it can be placed in the tiny openings rodents can possibly enter through.

Smart Catch

Smart Catch is a single-catch unit placed above ground to detect and trap rodents.

Smart Box

Smart Box is a multi-catch unit placed above ground to detect and trap multiple rodents.

Smart Connect

Smart Connect is the “heart of the network” and communicates with the installations to deliver key information to a SMART reporting system.

Smart Pipe & Smart Pipe 3

Smart Pipe is installed in main sewer systems onto metal sewer pipes that connect buildings to the main sewer. Smart Pipe 3 is installed onto metal sewer pipes connecting buildings directly to the main sewer.

Smart Sense Cockroach & Moth

Smart Sense detects moths and cockroaches by sensing changes in temperature. The bugs are attracted by non-toxic pheromones and captured on a glue board with any activity automatically reported to Viking at an early stage.