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Few pests have the ability to strike fear in people more than skunks. The threat of being sprayed by a skunk can cause you to freeze in fear upon seeing one. If a skunk happens to get under your house or business building, it can cause the entire place to start smelling, which is a major problem for the inhabitants, whether it’s family members, employees, or customers. To protect your home or business in New Jersey, Maryland, or Delaware from skunks, you need to learn about the behavior of this pest, take steps for prevention, and find effective treatment options should an infestation occur.

What Are Skunks?

Skunks are small mammals known for their unique coloration and the pungent spray they produce when they feel threatened. Skunks use their foul-smelling spray as a defense mechanism and can shoot it from up to 10 feet away. A skunk will spray you if it’s frightened, which means you should leave skunk control to wildlife professionals.

How Do I Identify Skunks?

There are two primary types of skunks in New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware; the eastern spotted skunk and the striped skunk. The eastern spotted skunk can be found throughout much of the eastern U.S., including Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. The wildlife control experts at Viking Pest explain the eastern spotted skunk has six distinct white stripes near the front of its body and small white spots on its head, in front of each ear, and at the base of the tail. The striped skunk is black with white stripes that run from the top of the head all the way to the tip of the bushy tail. Skunks can range in size from 2.5 to 15 pounds.

How Do I Get Skunks?

When skunks come near your home or business in New Jersey, Maryland, or Delaware, they’re looking for food and shelter. The wildlife control professionals at Viking Pest explain in order to find food, they may dig in the lawn looking for grubs, and berries, or get into the garbage. Skunks often find shelter in easy-to-access areas under houses, buildings, decks, and sheds.

What Are the Effects of Skunks In and Around My Home or Business?

Skunks are a potential health risk to the people around your home or business in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The Centers for Disease Control lists skunks as one of the animals in the U.S. most often infected with rabies. This fact highlights the importance of bringing in professional help to deal with a skunk around your business or home property. The wildlife control experts at Viking Pest explain skunks can also cause serious odors that are difficult and potentially expensive to remove from your home or business. Professional skunk prevention is by far the best way to protect against the negative effects of this pest.

How Long Do Skunks Live?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service states that skunks in the wild live an average of three years, while those in captivity can live up to 15 years.

How Do I Prevent Skunks?

In order to prevent skunks from invading the property at your business or home, wildlife control experts recommend removing elements around the area that may be attracting them. This includes keeping trash properly stored and closing up access points around your property. You should never attempt to remove a skunk from under your house or business building. If you’re looking for options on how to get rid of skunks, the help of the wildlife control experts at Viking Pest is the only proper skunk control option.

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Protecting Your Home or Business From Skunks With Viking Pest Control

Viking Pest offers expert treatment designed to effectively and efficiently control and prevent pests from invading your home or business in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques focuses on finding the core of the pest concern and controlling Skunks from the source. Through IPM, pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, pets, and the environment. Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 1-800-618-2847 or Schedule Online today!