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Switch and Save with Viking Pest Control

Is your current pest control company not meeting your business’s expectations? Looking to switch to a reliable, customer-centric pest control company with over 40 years of experience? Look no further than your local experts at Viking Pest Control!

Viking Pest understands that each business within New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware has unique pest control needs, goals, and concerns.  This is why when you choose to partner with Viking Pest, our team of pest management experts will design a custom pest prevention plan to best protect your business from pests.

Through our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques our pest prevention experts are able to focus on finding the core of the pest concern and control pests at the source.  Another benefit of choosing a company specializing in IPM solutions is our materials are selected and applied to minimize risks to human health, pets, and the environment.  With innovative solutions, like our SMART Rodent Control, Viking technology and techniques are consistently evolving to continue efficiently and effectively meeting the needs of our customers.  Switch and save with your best choice in pest control, Viking Pest Control!

Year-Round Pest Control for your Business that Works & Saves you Money

New Viking Pest customers switching from a different pest control provider can receive their first month of service free up to $100 in addition to receiving 10% off equipment.

Viking Pest Can Customize Services for a Variety of Pests Including the Below Pests Commonly Found in Businesses:

How to Switch and Save on Pest Control with Viking Pest

Viking Pest will need your most recent pest control invoice (a picture is fine); your current coverage, what you are not happy with, and the type of coverage you are looking for.

To switch your service and save, contact our representatives at 1-800-618-2847, or get a fast, free quote online today by clicking here!

What Makes Viking Pest Different?

Thousands of business owners trust us as their go-to pest control service in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Here’s why:

QualityPro Certified Member

Viking Pest Control is a QualityPro accredited pest control company. QualityPro is earned by less than 3% of businesses in the United States and we take great pride in meeting the highest set standards of quality service and professionalism. We enforce staff background checks under applicable law and maintain a drug-free workplace policy. Our business has an on-the-job safety policy to protect our clients and staff during pest extermination. We also ensure our employees receive quality pest control education and training. You can be confident that professionals are handling your pest prevention.

Over 40 Years of Pest Control Experience

For over four decades, Viking Pest Control has been serving the residents and businesses of New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Our experts deliver personalized solutions, regardless of the scale of the infestation or area that needs to be protected. Our goal is to offer effective pest prevention for long-term protection.

Our Promise to You

We understand the importance of having a pest-free business. When pests invade your property, it can result in irreparable damage to the reputation and brand value of your business. It is important to have a preventative pest control plan in place to keep your guests, employees, and business protected against the dangers and risks of pest pressure. In addition to posing a risk to your business’s reputation and good community standing, pests can cause expensive damages to your equipment, supplies, and property.

At Viking Pest Control, we make your pest problem our priority, so you don’t have to worry about these unwanted guests anymore. We pledge to work hard to restore your property with as little disruptions to your operations as possible quickly. Our experts focus on crafting a pest control solution that works for you.

From our top-level management down to our on-site pest control experts, we offer you the best custom pest control solutions at affordable rates. Our focus is to solve your ongoing pest problems as well as predict and prevent future infestations.

Viking Pest Control: Professional Service You Can Trust

Viking Pest Control provides comprehensive pest control solutions for commercial properties. We have the experience, skills, and resources to protect your property from harmful and destructive pests.  Our team of experts has experience ranging from multi-family homes to healthcare facilities to warehouses and more! Your business deserves the best in pest control and Viking Pest Control is ready to prove to you why we are THE BEST choice in pest control.  Our pest control experts use advanced and environmentally cautious techniques to ensure your space is pest-free year-round.

We understand even the smallest pest problem can cause discomfort and even ruin your reputation; therefore, we work with you to create a tailored, expert solution that ends your pest problem once and for all.

SMART Digital Rodent Control

The key to Viking Pest Control’s success is consistent innovation and improvement to provide our customers with the best in pest control.  When it comes to innovative pest solutions Viking Pest is the leader in NJ, PA, MD, and DE.  Our SMART rodent control is the state-of-the-art digital solution to any, and all, of your rodent control concerns.  SMART offers 24/7 monitoring, catching, and data capture providing rodent activity data with accuracy unmatched.  By using data instead of poison SMART is the environmentally friendly rodent control solution to proactively predict and prevent rodent infestations. Keep your business rodent-free and get SMART!

Learn More About SMART Rodent Control

Our History

Established in 1980, Viking Pest Control still maintains an unwavering focus to deliver the right pest solutions to our clients. We specialize in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, which offer your family and business pest-relief with minimum materials use.

Our dedication and high quality of service have earned us several awards and accreditations, including the QualityPro and GreenPro certifications. With a 4.8-star rating on Google, we’ve cemented our place as the #1 pest control expert.

Your Best Choice in Pest Control

It’s time to switch to a pest control provider who puts you and your business first. Our dedicated customer care center is waiting to answer any questions you may have.

To switch your service and save, contact our representatives at 1-800-618-2847, or get a fast, free quote online today!

*Valid only for commercial customers who do not have a current active service agreement with Viking Pest.  Customers must sign a yearly service agreement with Viking Pest to receive the offer. Must provide an invoice from your previous pest control provider.  This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons.  The monthly payment is determined based on the pest coverage and square footage of the business.