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Pest Control for Pharmaceutical Industries

Your priority is product effectiveness and safety. Don’t let pest activity jeopardize those goals.  From common pests such as ants, cockroaches, and flies to troublesome rodents, bed bugs, and more, the professionals at Viking Pest Control can help you maintain your product safety and regulatory compliance. With effective pest control in place, you avoid incurring high costs due to disrupted production. Partner with Viking Pest Control for a specialized pharmaceutical protection program, our zero-tolerance policy ensures you meet and exceed auditor requirements. Remain focused on your work, not pests.

The Viking Pest Control Difference

What sets us apart from others is our understanding of the safety requirements you must fulfill at your pharmaceutical facility. Pest infestations can derail projects and cause unnecessary downtime. Preventative measures, such as safe facility design, quality training, clean area segregation, and professional pest control are clearly outlined in Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. To help you meet compliance standards, your local extermination experts at Viking Pest Control have reviewed the pest control requirements laid out by the Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization. Just as you have stringent rules for providing safe medical products and services, Viking Pest Control has a zero-tolerance policy for pest infestation.

The Viking Pest Control team includes a dedicated group of commercial account managers who focus on addressing each pharmaceutical client’s unique pest control needs. Our team of local experts are always happy to answer your questions and deliver a solution to any pest issue you’re facing. Viking Pest Control has over 40 years of experience in providing effective and efficient pest control treatments, with operations throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. You can count on Viking Pest Control to deliver timely and professional services that are tailored to your pharmaceutical facility.

Viking Advantage

Do you have multiple properties? Concerned about having various pest control companies? Viking's vast presence means there is most likely a Viking office right in your neighborhood. If any pest does find a way into your business, Viking's professionals are there at a moment's notice. We take care of the situation discreetly and work with you for long-term relief. That's the Viking Advantage commitment: A Regional coverage with a local touch.

How We Make Sure Your Facility is Compliant

Our goal, at Viking Pest Control, is to help ensure your pharmaceutical facility is fully compliant with pest control regulations and ready for third party audits. The Viking Pest Control process focuses on transparency, so you know what to expect in service and cost.  Your local extermination experts at Viking Pest will keep detailed records easily accessible for you to provide to any external audit, or inspection, company if needed.

Step 1: Conduct a Comprehensive Survey and Develop a Plan

At Viking Pest Control, we start by conducting a full inspection of your facility. The goal is to find potential access points for pests and any recent pest activity. Then, your Viking Pest extermination expert will design a proactive and preventative pest treatment plan using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods. We’ll guide you through how the proposed plan will help you meet FDA pest management requirements and other third-party audits. During this time, your local commercial account specialist will brief you on preventative solutions we offer such as our state of the art SMART rodent control which consists of electronic sensors and digital rodent control systems.  SMART is our 100% non-toxic, 100% digital, and 100% hassle-free solution to your rodent control concerns.

Step 2: Apply Pest Control Systems

If your Viking Pest Control representative finds existing pests throughout your facility, our certified local technicians will come in to discreetly solve your pest concerns. Your local extermination experts will also identify and seal any potential pest entry points such as crevices and cracks. We are careful not to get in the way of your work, cause downtime, or affect your brand adversely.

Step 3: Implement Long-Term Prevention and Monitoring

Viking Pest Control will monitor and schedule follow-up visits to keep your pharmaceutical facility pest-free. Our local team of certified pest prevention professionals will inspect your facility, solve your pest concerns, and make recommendations to help maintain your pest-free environment.

Step 4: Provide Audit-Ready and Transparent Reporting

At Viking Pest Control, we understand that your facility goes through consistent audits. Our team of local extermination experts will keep complete documentation on pest control measures. Reports include pest monitoring logs, corrective action reports, pesticide usage reports, and analysis on the progress made. With Viking Pest Control, you can feel confident that your facility will be compliant with pest control guidelines, every time.

Why Work with the Viking Pest Control Team

At Viking Pest Control, we offer proven pest control solutions based on our long-standing experience in the industry. Our team of local extermination experts are courteous, professional, and trained to the highest of industry standards. We invest in our team’s knowledge, so they’re aware of the latest methods and technology in our industry. With a well-trained team, you get the best, long-term solutions in the market.

Experienced with a Dedicated Team for Pharmaceutical Clients

Viking Pest Control has over 40 years of experience in pest management in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Eastern Shore of Maryland area. Our local extermination experts have seen it all and continue to deliver tailored solutions with long-term effects.  At Viking Pest Control, we align our plan of action with your goals for safety and cleanliness.  The Viking Pest Control approach focuses on prevention, using the most effective treatment methods to provide sustainable solutions.

Keep Your Pharmaceutical Facility Bacteria and Virus Free

Viking’s advanced disinfection and sanitization treatment, Pro-Clean, is the solution to your business’s sanitization needs.  Viking’s local experts will conduct an evaluation to design a custom solution unique to your pharmaceutical facility.  Using multiple product application methods, Pro-Clean dramatically reduces the presence of harmful bacteria and emerging viruses like coronaviruses, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza A, and the H1N1 Virus.  Once your pharmaceutical facility has been treated by our Pro-Clean team, you will be provided with our “Pro-Clean” emblem and a digital certificate to proudly display.

With Viking Pro-Clean you are not getting basic fogging treatments or common cleaning techniques.  Viking Pro-Clean is designed to thoroughly disinfect your business combining various treatment application methods for maximum effectiveness.  We will focus on the key areas of your pharmaceutical facility to optimize the success of your treatment.

Partner with the Highest Caliber of Pest Control Professionals

When you partner with Viking Pest Control, our team of local professionals will provide you with the most reliable and trusted services in the industry. Just like your organization holds itself accountable with third-party audits, we do as well. Viking Pest Control is a member of QualityPro. As a member, we are required to invest in vetting and training our employees to the highest industry standards. Less than 3% of businesses in the US earn the QualityPro certification. Viking Pest Control continues to invest in passing QualityPro audits to this day. It’s just another way we show our clients that they’re receiving tested and proven pest management application techniques.

Partner With Our Team of Pest Control Experts

Don’t let pest infestation take control of your pharmaceutical operation. Keep your products safe and your facility fully compliant. If you’re ready to take control and prevent pest infestations at your pharmaceutical facility call Viking Pest Control at 800-618-2847 to speak with one of our commercial account specialists!