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Viking’s Zero Tolerance Policy

A progressive, tailored approach to pest control in the medical industry

Product safety, efficiency, and stability; include that with your comprehensive pest control solution, and you will meet the stringent guidelines created. However, any ingredient, packaging material, or a single pest penetration, can contaminate your pharmaceutical product and derail production. Expensive long-term research projects may be contaminated by pest activity causing them to become invalid.

This is why preventive measures, such as safe facility design, quality training, clean area segregation, and professional pest control are clearly outlined in Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization.

Viking Advantage

Do you have multiple properties? Concerned about having various pest control companies? Viking's vast presence means there is most likely a Viking office right in your neighborhood. If any pest does find a way into your business, Viking's professionals are there at a moment's notice. We take care of the situation discreetly and work with you for long-term relief. That's the Viking Advantage commitment: A Regional coverage with a local touch.
  1. Preliminary Survey: A complete inspection of the facility will reveal potential access points and reveal any recent pests activity. Then, a pro-active plan is designed to meet your specific needs, with prevention being a priority. Our Integrated Pest Management approach minimizes potential threats, and our Certified Entomologists are always on call to help assess the nature of any threat and the inherent risks associated with every pest. Electronic sensors, cameras, and digital traps may be installed as well, as part of our Anticimex SMART technology. With real-time indications of pest activity, we can react, keeping a pest sighting from becoming an infestation.
  2. Controls: If the situation requires anti-pest measures, our certified technicians arrive quickly and apply controls discreetly. That means little or no downtime for your business to affect your brand adversely.
  3. Long-Term Prevention / Monitoring: Aided by electronic sensors and remote cameras, Viking is continually monitoring your facility. Follow up visits are scheduled and maintained to keep your work environment pest-free thereafter. Traps are added, reset, or removed. Grounds are reviewed for lighting and landscaping changes. Viking will also help educate your sanitation staff to identify potential problems before they materialize.
  4. Transparent Reporting: Especially for third-party audits, all your pest control documentation is available. With Viking, your compliance with pest control guidelines means your audits will be short.