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Property Management Pest Control and Prevention

If you’re a property manager, you want to keep your residents healthy and the value of your investment high. Bed bug, rodent, and other insect infestations don’t happen all at once. An innocent pest can quickly escalate into an infestation, this is too great of a risk to take if you’re managing a business. That’s where Viking Pest Control comes in. Our team of local extermination experts tailor custom solutions with you and your property in mind. When you partner with Viking Pest, we ensure that our services not only meet but exceed your expectations. The Viking preventative approach to general pests like rodents, ants, spiders, flies, and cockroaches will help provide peace of mind for you and your tenants. We keep your risk low so you can keep your reward high — that’s the Viking Pest Control promise.

The Importance of Pest Prevention

As a property manager, you might view your commercial building as more important than your personal residence. From keeping tenants satisfied to ensuring your property is in the best condition, there is simply more at stake.

With a daily chore list that can include general upkeep, landscaping, and much more, we know you’re busy. We also know that one rodent or pest sighting can mean a building-wide frenzy of angry residents. When you partner with Viking Pest Control to implement a preventive plan for your property, you give yourself the gift of one less worry. If you’re concerned about pests infringing on your hard work and interrupting your tasks, hand the responsibility off to your local extermination experts at Viking Pest Control. We’ll take care of it!

Sleep Easy, Eliminate Your Pest Pressures

At Viking Pest Control, we strive to exceed your expectations. When you trust us with your property, we treat it like our own. This means the focus is on prevention, not reaction. You want to be able to boast about your superior pest control to potential tenants and our local NJ, PA, MD, and DE extermination experts want to make that a reality.

The best way to combat a pest infestation is to leave the potential of pests entering the building as close to zero as possible. When you allow Viking Pest Control to tailor a preventive solution for your property you get both a building protected from infestation and residents who can sleep easy knowing they will stay safe and healthy under your roof.

Viking Advantage

Do you have multiple properties? Concerned about having various pest control companies? Viking's vast presence means there is most likely a Viking office right in your neighborhood. If any pest does find a way into your business, Viking's professionals are there at a moment's notice. We take care of the situation discreetly and work with you for long-term relief. That's the Viking Advantage commitment: A Regional coverage with a local touch.

Custom Control

Viking’s proven strategy for managed properties is to start with a complete site evaluation. While walking the grounds, your commercial account specialist will assess the common rooms, recycling locations, trash areas, and any other potential breeding ground for pests. No one knows your property better than you. When you call Viking Pest Control, we value your insight and build a plan that is tailored to your specifications.

Responsive and Reasoned

With over 40 years of experience, our local extermination experts are trained to approach every situation with logic and knowledge. At Viking Pest Control, we know that seasonality is a great determinant of the pest challenges and threats you may face. Our experience and rationality combine to guarantee that no surprises emerge when the season changes.

The ability to spot potential issues lurking in even the most innocuous places is not due to a sixth sense. When you make Viking Pest Control your commercial pest control partner, we will maintain the proper conditions limiting your building’s vulnerability to pests. This means better prevention and happier occupants.

Consistent and Customized

Viking Pest Control commercial pest management is all about consistency. After all, we favor prevention overreaction. Once we work with you to establish areas of concern and familiarize ourselves with the property, we get to work right away.  With a continued pest management plan from Viking Pest, our pest control professionals will conduct regular inspections with a special focus on pests specific to your location. The Viking Pest Control team is trained to notice the inconspicuous, keeping your tenants safe from potential pest infestations.

Discreet and Effective

At Viking Pest Control, we know you want to keep your residents calm and secure. When you hire Viking Pest Control, we guarantee discretion. Whatever it is, we’ll handle it discreetly with you and your business goals in mind. Long term relief is the aim, and we are committed to familiarizing ourselves with your property to ensure pests become a nuisance of the past.

Viking Pro-Clean: Keep Your Business Bacteria and Virus Free

Viking offers Pro-Clean, our advanced disinfection and sanitization solution for your business.  Our local experts will conduct an evaluation and propose a custom solution to meet your unique sanitization needs.  Using multiple product application methods, Pro-Clean is proven to dramatically reduce the number of harmful bacteria and emerging viruses like coronaviruses, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza A, and the H1N1 Virus present.  Our Pro-Clean application team will treat your property and provide you with our “Pro-Clean” emblem and your digital certificate to proudly display.

Viking Pro-Clean is unlike basic fogging treatments or common cleaning techniques; Viking Disinfection and Sanitization Treatments combine a variety of application methods to thoroughly disinfect your property or properties.

Better Your Business With Viking

Your People

Consistent visits from a pest control professional, like Viking Pest Control, will signal to your residents that you place a high value on their health and well-being. By scheduling proactive inspections with Viking Pest Control, you give your occupants the priceless gift of peace of mind. Building a culture of trust with your residents will boost not only your relationships but your business.

Your Property

Even the smallest pest problem can leave an undesirable smear on your brand reputation and, ultimately, your profit. Even worse, if an infestation gets out of control it can result in irrecoverable damage. If you think these risks are too great to gamble, schedule a free site evaluation, and see what Viking Pest Control can do to keep your business secure.

A Pest-Free Peace of Mind

Take the necessary step for your tenants and for yourself to keep your facility pest-free. Proactive, preventive, and persistent, Viking Pest Control is the most trusted choice for commercial pest control in NJ, PA, DE, and MD. At Viking Pest Control we care about you, your property, and your people.  Our team is ready to provide you with the best in pest management services.

If you’re ready to boost your brand and protect your property, remember: no matter the pest, no matter the place, Viking can conquer. Curious about what Viking Pest Control can do for you? Give us a call today at 800-618-2847 to speak with one of our commercial account specialists!

Looking for a Testimonial? Hear What Some of Our Customers Have to Say!

“So happy I switched to Viking from my other pest control service. very reliable team of workers.” – Diane M.

“I own multiple multi family properties I’ve been working with Brian from Viking pest control and I found him to be one of the most outstanding technicians to date. He is absolutely the most knowledgeable and when I say has patience of a saint I mean every word of that! I have four 3 bedroom apartments per property, first and second front hallway and rear hallway plus the basement on the left and right side and the attics on the left and right side. I am not the easiest client but I will tell you that I am always courteous and respectful and I always receive the same in return from Brian. He was just at my property this Saturday and did an outstanding job not only satisfying me satisfying each and every tenant and he comes into contact with. I’m the type of client that has a lot of questions I’m very curious and The need to know kind of person this guy never cracks he always answers every question I have with the absolute most pleasure and courtesy towards me each and every time. Viking has been a tremendous investment in my quest to achieve retirement through multi family real estate and Brian and his team are the very best. Remember it starts from the top if you have a good leader all of your workers will follow through and represent you accordingly and everyone at Viking is successful in doing so. Happy client Davide D.” – Davide D.

“Greg W. from Viking Pest Control has been servicing our business buildings for several years. He arrives on time and thoroughly inspects and treats the buildings. He is friendly, completes his work in a timely manner, and gives a verbal report at the conclusion of each visit. I am very pleased with his service and recommend Viking and Greg to anyone considering pest control options.” – Jack P.

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