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Pest Prime Week 2023 is Over

Great residential and commercial pest control services are here year-round.

PPW 2023 Yard Guard Mosquito and Tick
PPW 2023 Smart Home Premier
PPW 2023 Spotted Lantern Fly
PPW 2023 60-day Shield
PPW 2023 60-day Carpenter Ant
PPW 2023 60-day Carpenter Bee
PPW 2023 60-Day Ground Bees
PPW 2023 Overwintering Pest
PPW 2023 Bug-a-Friend
PPW 2023 Termite Bait System
PPW 2023 Bed Bug Treatment

Commercial Services

PPW 2023 Commercial Services
PPW 2023 Commercial Bed Bug
PPW 2023 Commercial SMART

All promotions are for first-time customers of a service only.
Existing customers of other services are eligible for discounts on new services they add to their accounts.

For a canceled service to be considered "new" it must have been at least 24 months since cancellation.