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Pest Identification Service

Identifying an invader is an essential first step toward preventing a full-blown infestation. When a surprise pest shows up as a guest on your property, Viking Pest Control makes sure you do not have to deal with the mystery alone. Our Pest ID service gives you around-the-clock access to our pest experts so you can get back to enjoying your home. Simply complete the form on this page and our onsite entomologist will identify the pest in your photo!

What Bug Is This?

pest-id-serviceLet us set the scene. It is late at night, and you have just gotten back from a weekend away. You cannot wait to settle back into the routine and home you work tirelessly to maintain. As you begin to wash your face and brush your teeth, you notice something in the sink, creeping and crawling toward you. Leaning in closer, you realize you have no idea what you are facing.

Nobody in the house knows what they are looking at. Is it a wood destroying insect? Or something harmless? After countless internet searches, you are no closer to answers. You need a solution fast. Lucky for you, Viking Pest Control is here to help.

When an unidentifiable pest enters your home, we make it our mission to name it as fast as possible. Get the answers you need now with Viking Pest’s identification service.

How Our Pest ID Service Works

We strive to keep our service as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Need to know the spider that is making a web from your sink to your fridge? Or which cockroach has decided to make themselves at home? Many pests common to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland are distinct, yet too subtle for the everyday person to identify.

That is why we make it our priority to have a team of pest control experts on standby to supply you with the answers you need, right to your phone. To take advantage of our pest ID service, all you must do is:

  • Take a photo of the pest in question
  • Fill out our online form and attach the image file
  • Take a breath
  • Receive a fast and accurate answer

How Viking’s Pest ID Service Helps Homeowners

Once our experts correctly identify the pest or issue you submitted, you will be on your way to these benefits:

  • Reducing risks to your health
  • Minimizing damage to your property
  • Selecting the most effective pest management service
  • Saving, time, money, and stress

Do not wait to handle what could become an incredibly harmful pest infestation. Viking Pest Control is here to give you an immediate diagnosis, understanding, and plan.

Find Out What Pest Is Invading Your Space Now

When it comes to a potential infestation, time is of the essence. To avoid a small mystery becoming a big inconvenience, you must act immediately.

Once our pest control experts help you identify the pest species and the potential threat it poses to your home; Viking will work with you to create a customized strategy. When it comes to unwanted invaders, we are more than just a quick answer– we are a full-service solution.

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