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If you own a home or business in Delaware, controlling pests is a key part of maintaining a healthy environment for your family, pets, customers, or employees. Whether its squirrels, rats, carpenter bees, termites, wasps, pigeons, sparrows, or raccoons, protecting your Delaware home or business from these invaders is very important. These common insects, rodents, and pests in Delaware can also pose serious threats to human health, property, and pets, causing costly damage to buildings, contaminating food, and even infecting people with serious diseases. To protect your home or business from pests in Delaware, you need to learn about the behavior of the pests, take steps for prevention, and find effective treatment options should an infestation occur.

Common Delaware Pests

Delaware is home to a wide variety of pests, from insects to rodents and larger mammals like raccoons. Even birds can be a problem and require pest prevention in Delaware homes and businesses. The extermination experts at Viking Pest explain some pests, like sowbugs, are not all that harmful but can become a nuisance if left unchecked; however, some pests can threaten human health like cockroaches. Cockroaches contaminate food, countertops, and tables. Other pests like raccoons can attack pets, carry dangerous diseases like rabies, and do major damage to property. Pest control in Delaware is important, and it can be crucial to seek the advice of extermination experts at Viking Pest when you have an infestation in your place of business or home.


Insects are common in Delaware, and many species thrive in the rich environment in and around homes and businesses. For example, Delaware is home to several species of cockroaches, most prevalent of which are the American and German cockroach. Cockroaches invade homes and businesses through cracks in walls, doors, and floors, and they can hide in walls. The Delaware pest control experts at Viking Pest state cockroaches are attracted to food left out, garbage, and warmth in the winter. These bugs contaminate food with droppings in almost every imaginable hiding place, from trash cans, drains to cereal boxes.

In addition, bed bugs are common in Delaware, as they can be found in heavily populated areas such as train stations, hotels, movie theatres, and more. Bed bugs feed on human blood and can cause itchy welts and irritation. Bed bugs travel from place to place in clothing, backpacks, and other soft items and can lay dormant for months. Determining if you have a bed bug infestation can be difficult, so the Delaware pest control experts at Viking Pest recommend scheduling an inspection with one of our certified pest professionals.

Mosquitoes are also found in great numbers in Delaware. Breeding in standing water and generally prevalent in humid areas, mosquitoes can be a major annoyance. These pests also feed on blood and can swarm around people and pets, creating hundreds of itchy bites. At worst, they can carry serious diseases such as malaria or dengue fever. While these cases are rare in Delaware, it’s still important to keep mosquitoes under control.

Delaware also plays host to a number of other flying and crawling insects like ants, bees, centipedes, crickets, stink bugs, termites, wasps, and more. All of these insects can reproduce quickly and tend to seek warmth in the winter. These pests can invade your home or business, make nests, and create quite a nuisance if not controlled.

Treating Insects in Delaware

From yard treatments for mosquitoes to treating structures for carpenter ants, Viking Pest Control assesses your Delaware home or business and applies effective treatments using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. Our pest control experts understand the best techniques for treatment and prevention for any pest invader in your Delaware home or business.

Rodents and Other Mammals

Rodents are small mammals characterized by their large front teeth, short legs, and long tails. Rodents common to Delaware include bats, chipmunks, mice, porcupines, rats, and squirrels, among others. Pest control experts at Viking explain rodents can carry disease, contaminate human and pet food, and wreak havoc on insulation, wiring, and other important structural components.

Some rodents like squirrels tend to be well acclimated to humans, so they’ll gather around your home or business in Delaware and even beg for food. Others, such as mice, hide in walls, furniture, and clutter, leaving droppings and chewing up things from the inside. Mice and rats can also carry diseases, many of which are directly communicable to humans, and can be quite serious.

Other mammals like raccoons seek food from garbage cans, crops, and trees, and invade attic and crawl spaces to nest and bear young. Bigger animals, such as these, can easily attack and hurt pets like cats and small dogs and can bring deadly diseases like rabies to the people around your home or business in Delaware.

Treating Rodents in Delaware

In order to properly treat rodent problems, Viking’s pest control experts inspect your property to determine the source of the problem and use IPM techniques to eradicate your Delaware home or business of these kinds of pests for good.


More than 420 species of birds live in Delaware. Of course, not all birds present a problem for home and business owners. In fact, many don’t even interact in urban areas. However, some birds can be problematic, including pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, and starlings.

These pest birds can destroy property and bring diseases that humans can catch. Pigeons especially, can reproduce prolifically and occupy urban areas en masse, leaving droppings and stealing food. People sometimes feed these birds, which attracts more and exacerbates the problems. Starlings can cause damage to crops, fruit trees, and lawns, and sparrows can be aggressive toward other less troublesome birds.

All of these pest bird species can nest inside attics and under eaves, creating major issues with their droppings and urine, and using material like insulation and wiring to create nests. In addition, all birds leave waste, which can accumulate over time and pose a serious threat, as bird droppings can carry a wide variety of diseases.

Birds exert varying levels of pressure on a given area, meaning they can cause more damage if a piece of property is more important to them. Understanding this bird pressure is an important factor in controlling them, and is something a bird control expert can help you with.

Treating Birds in Delaware

Viking Pest’s bird control experts know that prevention is the best strategy for controlling pest birds. We make it difficult or impossible for birds to make a home on your property. Our IPM approach involves a variety of solutions, including removing standing water and food sources, deploying deterrents and decoys, and other humane, permanent solutions.

Protecting Your Delaware Home or Business From Pests With Viking Pest Control

Viking Pest offers expert treatment designed to effectively and efficiently control and prevent pests from invading your home or business in Delaware. Our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques focuses on finding the core of the pest concern and controlling pests from the source. Through IPM, pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, pets, and the environment. Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 1-800-618-2847 or schedule online today!


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