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Middletown originated as a tavern stop roughly halfway between Appoquinimink Creek in Odessa and Bohemia Landing on the Bohemia River in Maryland. That’s where its extraordinarily original name comes from.

It was incorporated in 1861 and is now a town of about 22,000 residents and covers almost 13 square miles. With a laidback community, plenty of parks, and fun historical sites to explore, the area draws many folks to live.

Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones who like the idea of living in Middletown. Numerous pest species also live in the area and can become a problem in local homes and businesses. If you notice the signs of an infestation on your property, calling the local Middletown, DE pest control experts is a must. With over 40 years of experience in the area, the pest control experts at Viking Pest can handle any problem you may have.

Common Pests in Middletown, Delaware

As with most communities, there are a number of pests that can be a problem. In Middletown, watch out for voles, and carpenter bees in your yard. Cockroaches, mice, rats, ants, and termites may take up residence in your home or business — or in the walls. Mosquitoes and ticks can also bite humans and the consequences range from itchy bites to disease like Lyme Disease, explain the local Middletown, DE exterminators at Viking Pest.

Think an infestation isn’t that big of a deal? Think again! If you’re noticing pest activity, it’s likely that the problem is already far worse than you think as most pests work hard to stay out of sight. You need to call the local exterminators at Viking Pest in Middletown, DE immediately.

Moderate Climates Mean Year-Round Pest Activity

The mild weather in Middletown lends to the area’s appeal — for both humans and critters. For this reason, you may see signs of pest activity all year round.

Of course, most will be most active during the spring and summer months when the warm weather is conducive to breeding. However, the chill of the winter months can send pests like rats and mice indoors looking for a warm place to spend the winter so watch out, explain the pest control experts at Viking Pest.

Common pests seen in Middletown include:

Controlling Pests in New Castle County

There are many ways that you can help control pests on your property by keeping things cleaned up and orderly. Wood piles and the like will attract rodents looking for a nice place to build their nests and overgrown grass provides voles and other pests a great place to hide while they scavenge for food.

However, even with your best efforts, pests may infest your home or business. In that case, you need a knowledgeable, local Middletown, DE exterminator. Here at Viking Pest Control, we have decades of experience in the area identifying pest species and applying the right treatments in the right amounts to control your pest problem without negatively impacting your health or the environment.

Let Viking Pest Help with Pest Control in Middletown, Delaware

Our effective treatments are designed to efficiently control pest populations in your Middletown, DE home or business. Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 1-800-618-2847 or schedule online today!

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