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The seaside community of Lewes, Delaware is a delightful spot to live and work. Located on the Delaware Bay, the town’s claim to fame is being “The First Town in the First State.” With a heritage stretching back to 1631, residents certainly have some history to explore!

British naval vessels tried unsuccessfully to bombard the town during the War of 1812 and, later, it became a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Today, residents enjoy trips to scenic Cape Henlopen State Park where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. They also battle against several undesirable residents in the form of rodents, bugs, and other pests. With 40 years of experience in the area, Viking Pest control is leading the charge to keep Lewes homes and businesses pest-free.

Common Pests in Lewes, Delaware

According to our local Lewes, DE pest control experts, several pests can be found in the community. Rodents like rats and mice may look for shelter in homes and businesses. Voles and ticks may infest your yard and unpleasant bugs like cockroaches and ants may come looking for food crumbs in your kitchen, explain the local Lewes, Delaware exterminators at Viking Pest.

Infestation may at first seem minor but it’s important to inspect under the surface. Often, signs of pest infestations tend to appear once there is a lot of activity. It’s time to call in a pest control exterminator in Lewes, DE.

Moderate Climates Mean Year-Round Pest Activity

The mild climate makes for a great place to live for humans and pests alike. This means that you can see pest activity at any time of the year in Lewes, explain the pest control experts in Lewes, DE at Viking Pest.

Activity for most pests rises during the late spring and early summer as temperatures rise. This is the best time for most pests to come out of their hidey-holes to reproduce. However, be vigilant during the winter as mice and rats and other pests may be trying to get in and hide from the cold weather.

Common pests include:

Controlling Pests in Lewes, Delaware

There are many tricks for keeping pests out of your home or business in Lewes, Delaware. Pest management professionals at Viking Pest recommend treating or painting wooden structures to keep insects like carpenter bees or termites from burrowing into them to build their nests/colonies. Keep your yard picked up and avoid leaving piles of wood or trash lying around to provide attractive homes for rodents.

However, this may not be enough, and you may still find yourself unwittingly hosting undesirable pests. Turn to the local Lewes, DE exterminators at Viking Pest to effectively control and prevent future infestations.

Let Viking Pest Help with Pest Control in Lewes, DE

We use minimal treatments specifically chosen for the pest you are dealing with. The last thing you need is someone coming in and indiscriminately spraying chemicals around your yard. We choose the most effective treatment to protect your health and the environment.

Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 1-800 or schedule online today!

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