Memorial Day is finally here, and if you are hosting a BBQ this Memorial Day weekend, you need to follow these three steps to host the perfect event.

  1. Keep the Mosquitos Away!

There is nothing worse than getting eaten alive at an outdoor event. Protect your guests from nasty mosquito bites with Viking Pest’s Yard Guard! Viking will apply the most effective treatment to the target areas on your property to reduce the mosquito population in your yard! Enjoy your BBQ nights without the bites!

  1. Have a Clean and Tidy Home!

Spills happen, but make sure to clean them up right away to avoid any injuries for your guests, but to also keep the ants away! Ants are on the hunt for either food or water, and if you leave food out on your counters for a long period of time, it may become ant infested! Plus, your guests do not want to eat food coming from a kitchen that has an ant problem.

  1. Lastly, Make Sure There are no Wasp Nests Around Your Property

The last thing you need to worry about is one of your guests getting stung by a wasp at your party. You already have so much to worry about between the food and decorations, let Viking Pest take care of any pest concerns you may have to keep you and your guests safe.


Call Viking Pest today 1-800-618-BUGS for your FREE estimate! Let a Certified Viking Employee inspect your home for FREE before Memorial Day to ensure your home is safe and protected.

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