Summer is finally here, and with the advantages of longer days and warmer weather comes some disadvantages as well. The warm weather also brings pests like mosquitos who are looking to make you their next meal.

If you are wondering why mosquitos seem to be more attracted to you than others, it may be your blood type. Female mosquitos rely on the proteins found in blood for survival and to produce eggs. Research has found that those with type O blood are found to be more attractive to mosquitos than those with Type A or B blood.

While mosquitos may prefer Blood Type O, this is not the only factor that determines what a mosquito will bite. When searching for their next meal, mosquitos rely on their scent and sight. Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide, so the more a person breathes, the more attractive s/he becomes to mosquitos. Mosquitos are also attracted to darker colors as apposed to light colored clothing.

In conclusion, yes mosquitos can be attracted to Type O blood, but Type A and B are not safe from mosquito bites as there are many other factors. Protect you and your family this summer from mosquito bites with Viking’s Yard Guard. Call today for a FREE and NO OBLIGATION quote 800-618-2847. One Call Gets Them All!


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