Bed Bug Treatment

Bedbugs are hard to exterminate. Furthermore, if you fail to exterminate even a small portion of them, their relatively long life spans combined with their ability to rapidly procreate mean that a small bedbug problem can escalate into a huge issue. Therefore, whatever method you choose to tackle your bedbug problem, you want to make sure it is absolutely effective. That is why many people choose professional bedbug treatment programs. Some of the benefits of using a professional for bedbug treatment include:

  1. Proper identification of your pest problem.

    Because bedbugs are small, you can have a bedbug problem without ever seeing any bugs. However, the red welts that are a tale-tell sign of bedbug infestation can also accompany other bug infestations. A professional can ensure that bedbugs really are your problem.

  2. Professionals use fewer pesticides.

    If you are using a DIY approach, in order to be effective you will probably end up applying more pesticides than you actually need. Even if you use pesticides that are safe around kids and pets, you still want to make efforts to limit your family’s exposure to them.

  3. Common bug sprays.

    Bedbugs are often immune to common bug sprays. If you tackle them using only sprays, then you leave only immune bugs behind, which can create a bigger problem than you initially had.

  4. Heat treatment.

    Professionals have the equipment for using heat or steam treatments to exterminate bedbugs. This is the most effective bedbug treatment method, and heat treatments can reach the cracks and crevices where bedbugs hide, while many other treatment methods cannot.

  5. Bedbugs can hibernate without food for extended periods of time, so using a professional helps reassure you that you have actually gotten rid of them.
  6. Professional services are usually guaranteed, which is beneficial when fighting a persistent pest like bedbugs.


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