It is Easier and Safer to Keep the Pests Out Than It is to Try to Get Them Out

When you think of a pest control company, your mind probably automatically goes to exterminators and pesticides.  While those are a part of a pest control business, anyone with experience in pest control will tell you that it is much easier and more affordable to keep pests from invading a home than it is to make a home pest-free after it has been infested.  That is why Viking Pest Control is happy to offer a fall pest prevention package for its New Jersey area customers.

The key to pest prevention is to keep them from coming into your home.  Why do they want in your home in the first place?  Your home is warm and inviting, while outside it is starting to get cold and hostile.  In fact, many pests know that they will not survive the winter if they stay outside, but that they can thrive in a warm environment.  Therefore, pests will try very hard to get into your home and even relatively large pests, like mice, can come through very small spaces.

Step one is to locate any pest entrances.  Common entrances include around doorways and windows, and any normal entrances to your home, like dryer vents and soffit gaps.  After an inspection, the Viking Pest Control pest prevention experts will seal any pest entrances. This can include securing your dryer vent, blocking potential entrances with copper mesh, using caulk to fill gaps in trim and siding, and using weather stripping to ensure that doors and windows are snug.

Step two is to take preventative measures to keep your home from seeming inviting.  Warmth is great, but pests need more than warmth to survive.  It is important to deprive them of the moisture they need, so Viking’s pest prevention experts will look for any sources of moisture in your home, such as leaks under sinks and in cabinets, and let you know about them.  They will also look for areas that are hospitable for pests such as clutter under sinks or along floors.

Prevention is ongoing, so step three will require collaboration between you and Viking’s pest control team. You will need to keep pet and human food sealed and out of reach.  Furthermore, if there are signs that you already have bests, Viking may use pesticides or employ traps to eliminate the current pet population.

Working together, you and Viking Pest Control can ensure a pest-free fall for your home!

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