Even when you keep your home meticulously clean, you can still end up with a mouse in your house—or worse—a whole colony of mice. Mice are as opportunistic as any other rodent and may find their way into your Maryland home via small cracks that you did not even know were there. If you suspect that you might have a problem with mice, or have in the past, here are some tips for effective mice control.rat_6

  1. Landscaping.

Sometimes preventing mice from coming back to your house starts with changing your landscaping choices. Overgrown bushes and grasses next to your home can create an environment that is welcoming for mice and other rodents too.

  1. Debris removal.

Many people living in Maryland may be tempted to leave piles of wood outside their home, or do not even realize that their junk has piled up. Junk and debris piles attract mice. Consider getting rid of all the junk you no longer need.

  1. Change your bird feeders.

Birds often drop the food from the feeders onto the ground, thereby attracting rodents. You might want to consider doing away with your bird feeder altogether in order to prevent mice from being attracted to your house.

  1. Seal the gaps.
  2. Mice enter homes through small gaps. Those gaps could be anywhere—in your basement window, under a loose-fitting door jamb, in insulation. You can get your home inspected for potential mouse doorways when you see mice control specialists in Maryland like Viking.

    1. Ditch the gadgets and DIY pest control.
    2. Some over the counter products like ultrasound devices are sold under the premise that they keep mice away. However, these products are ineffective and so are methods that rely on traps and poison. You are better off calling a professional to come and help you with mice control.

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