It is difficult not to get excited about late springtime in New Jersey.  The weather tends to be gorgeous, flowers begin blooming, and everything gets a nice dark green after months of snow and slush.  However, summertime means Mosquito Season, and you may have already noticed the tiny insects clamoring for your blood every time that you step outside your home.

Mosquito bites are more than an itchy nuisance; they can transmit diseases.

Most people are familiar with the uncomfortable itching associated with mosquito bites.  What you may not realized, however, is that mosquito bites carry a risk of transmitting disease from the mosquito to a human being.

Mosquitos are not just a health risk for humans; they also carry diseases that can impact our pets. Malaria, West Nile Virus, and heartworms are just a few of the serious diseases that mosquitos can transmit to humans or companion animals. In fact, mosquito bites continue to be one of the main vectors for disease transmission.

You don’t have to resign yourself to mosquito bites.

While mosquitos can seem ingenious, seeming to come in the house through locked doors and windows, and lurking in wait every time you step outside of your house, the reality is that we understand how mosquitos track people.  This understanding makes it easy to take a few simple steps to prevent mosquito bites.  Wear protective clothing when you anticipate exposure to mosquitos.  Use a mosquito repellent.  Perhaps most important, especially if you spend a significant amount of time outdoors, you can have your yard treated for mosquitos.

At Viking Pest control, we use the Yard Guard System to protect you from mosquitos during Mosquito Season.  Unlike temporary yard foggers, Yard Guard targets breeding populations of mosquitos, reducing your overall exposure to the pests and making your outdoor living space that much more enjoyable .  Of course, because mosquitos are mobile, no system can completely eliminate your risk of exposure.  This is a critical factor, especially when West Nile virus has been detected in an area.  For full safety, we still recommend the use of additional measures, such as the use of a DEET containing bug spray, when outside, especially at night, to give yourself added protection.

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