Is there anything as annoying as a mosquito buzzing around you? Of course there is; a swarm of mosquitos buzzing around you. Summer is coming and it is time to think about mosquito control solutions. Why is mosquito control so important? Though most of us tend to think of mosquitos as a nuisance and their bites as itchy and annoying, the reality is that no other animal has been as responsible for as many human deaths. In Pennsylvania, mosquitos carry West Nile virus, which can infect humans, and two diseases that can be deadly to horses and dogs.

Prevent Mosquito Bites

To prevent mosquito bites, Viking Pest suggests you take a three-pronged approach to stop mosquitos.

The first step is eliminating stagnant water; which mosquitos require to breed. Standing water can collect in old pots, buckets, and cans, wading pools, birdbaths, wheel barrows, old tires, tarps or covers, and even rain gutters.

The second step is reducing the individual risk of mosquito bites. Mosquitos are more active at twilight, after dark, and at dusk. Therefore, people should limit outdoor exposure during those times, and, if they are indoors, they should make sure that doors and windows should fit tightly and that windows have fully functioning screens. People who go outdoors during that times should limit as much skin exposure as possible by wearing long sleeves and full-length pants. Using a DEET-based mosquito repellant can also help keep mosquitos away.

Insecticides – Control Mosquito Population

Finally, you can use insecticides to control mosquito populations, but because mosquitos can fly long-distances you may find DIY mosquito control insecticides to be of limited utility. Professional products do more than exterminate mosquitos and target larvae; they can also mask the carbon dioxide that humans emit, which is what attracts mosquitos in the first place. To find out how Viking Pest can help eliminate mosquitos from your yard, contact them today.


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