Tick bites aren’t just irritating; the pathogens ticks leave behind in their bites can transmit serious viruses and diseases as they enter the bloodstream, such as Lyme disease. For the safety of your family and pets, it is important to keep your property tick-free. There are some measures you can do on your own keep your property tick-free, in conjunction with professional treatments.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) measures

There are several simple, DIY measures you can do to keep your family and pets tick-free. For example, you can trim the grass, bushes, shrubs, and plants in your yard, so ticks will be less likely to cling to them while waiting to hitch a ride on the next human or pet that brushes against them. You can also apply pesticides in your yard to effectively keep the ticks away, but this is usually best left to the professionals.

banner-ticksHiring the pros

The best thing to do is to hire a professional tick control service in Pennsylvania, for these reasons:

    • The right chemicals

For one, pros will know what safe and appropriate chemicals and pesticides to use, ones that won’t harm the rest of your garden or vegetation. Randomly picking out pesticides at the store will not be effective, and in fact, can be very unhealthy.

    • Prevent future infestation

In addition to creating effective spray treatments that eliminate ticks, professional pest services also know what measures to take to prevent future tick infestations. This can be quite complicated, especially when it’s time to determine the appropriate tubes and placement of controllers in your yard. With the help of experts, you won’t have to worry that ticks will find their way into your home again.

    • The best timing

A professional tick control service in Pennsylvania will know the best time to apply a pesticide in your area. The right timing matters, especially with certain types of pesticide.

    • Better maintenance

Pros take the extra time and effort to inspect your yard and apply spray treatments based on their keen observations. This rids your yard of ticks effectively while keeping future tick problems away.

Getting help

If you want to keep your family safe from tick bites, avoid taking on the problem yourself; get help from professionals. Professional pest controllers know the safest, fastest, and most effective methods to eliminate those tick problems from your property.

By choosing the right pest control company, you and your kids can enjoy your yard to the fullest again. For quotes or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Viking Pest Control. Contact us right away.


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