New Jersey has a lot of different endemic and invasive pests, and all businesses in New Jersey are vulnerable. Some business owners might feel they can get by without commercial pest control services, and even rely on DIY methods. In most cases, DIY methods do not work in the commercial context and can even be dangerous and damaging to your brand. Therefore it is usually worth looking into the commercial pest control services available in New Jersey.

  1. Some industries require commercial pest control.
  2. Restaurants and other hospitality and service industries have regular health inspections and the presence of any pests can do serious damage to your business—leading to fines, loss of business and reputations, and even loss of license. Commercial pest control services like Viking can detect the presence of pests before you do. Many early warning signs are practically invisible, including the laying of eggs in unseen or hidden places. Bed bugs are often not detectable without specialized pest control services. If you are in the hospitality or food service industries, you can’t afford not to consider commercial pest control.

  3. Biotech and pharmaceutical industries need commercial pest control.
  4. Commercial pest control services offer solutions for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other industries that are vulnerable to pests—some of which are unique and difficult to detect. Moreover, these industries require highly sensitive and targeted treatment interventions and an ongoing program of prevention. Only commercial pest control services like Viking can offer exactly the types of pest control services these businesses need.

  5. Hospitals and Schools.
  6. Both hospitals and schools need commercial pest control services. Many pests spread diseases, and therefore keeping pests away from these sensitive public spaces is important. Also, effective commercial pest control is achieved in the least invasive way possible, keeping patients and children safe.


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