Rodent Control New York

When you see mice and other rodents in your home, your first thought is always about exclusion – that is, getting the rodents out! But there is a step past exclusion that many homeowners forget, and it’s a key part of keeping your home pest-free. The final step beyond setting traps and getting rid of the visible pests, is sealing up your home so that new rodents don’t run right in after you get rid of the first round.

For complete rodents control in New Jersey, use this step-by-step guide for sealing up your home after you banish the pests:

1. Inspect Your Home

Start by inspecting your home very well, looking for any tiny cracks or openings where rodents could get inside. Cracks in the foundation, cracks at the sides of windows or doors, and even broken siding can all be places where rodents can make their way inside. These must be fixed or sealed up.

2. Look for Pathways

If there are trees or shrubs that touch your home, consider getting them pruned away. These act as pathways for rodents to reach your home. Trees, for example, give rodents access to the roof, where they may be able to get down chimneys or climb in through cracks around old shingles.

3. Speaking of Shingles, Inspect the Roof

Next, it’s time to inspect the roof. It may take some time, but checking around all the shingles for cracks, as well as checking for holes in roof ventilators or vent screens, will make a huge difference in how many rodents you see in your home. Anywhere where there are utilities entering your home, such as where the power line connects to and enters the house, you could have a place for a mouse to get inside.

Rodent Control New York

4. Make Climbable Materials Less Friendly

If your home is made out of brick or stone, which has natural grooves and nicks that mice can climb up, it is more attractive to pests and rodents. Control New Jersey pests by painting these materials with high-gloss paint, which makes them slick and fills in natural holes so that they are not as easily climbed.

5. Get Rid of Their Food

Finally, remove any food and water sources. Pet food, bird feeders, and other similar features are very attractive to rodents. They make an easy food source that you are just setting out for them.

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