Spotted Lantern Fly Commercial Blog Post

The spotted lantern fly was first detected in Pennsylvania in 2014 from Asia.  In 2016 this invasive pest was found in a 174 square mile area.  By 2017 it had expanded to an area more than 3,000 square miles.  Today it has been detected in 12 states and as far away as Minnesota and Oklahoma.  Quarantines preventing the movement of items potentially infested with eggs have even been instituted to help quell the spread of this destructive pest.

This spotted lantern fly is more than just a nuisance pest.  It is killing trees and plants.  In one study more than 300 spotted lantern flies were found on a single grape vine.  Vineyards and orchards have been especially hit hard. Negative impacts on commercial fruit, and forestry industries have occurred and are expected to continue as this pest spreads.

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