Despite what you may think, termite swarms are fairly common. Termites will leave a nest that is inside the home and work to squeeze through cracks in the foundation or wall to reach the outdoor world. Termites in swarms are attracted to light, so they often are noticed around light fixtures or windows. In this article, we’ll look at why termites swarm and what termite control options are available.

Reasons for Swarming

Termites will begin to swarm when their colony reaches a certain number of bugs. This usually occurs about once a year. Hundreds or thousands of swarming termites have one simple purpose: to reproduce and expand the colony. These termites may be male or female and will vary in the amount based on how large the colony has become. The swarming termites stick around by the soil until it’s time to start looking for the outdoors.

Timing of Swarms

It’s hard to say when a particular termite colony is going to swarm. Drywood termites are most likely to swarm in late summer, while subterranean termites might swarm in the spring. No matter what type of termites you are dealing with, you can expect swarming to being shortly after a rain shower. Damp soil helps with nest building, and the added humidity helps with survival.

Swarm Types

When you have dry wood swarms, you can expect them to be a smaller number, often no more than 100. Because the swarm is smaller, it can be harder to notice them than other species. One thing that might cause pause is seeing termite wings at window sills. This is common following a swarm.
Dampwood termites are less of a concern and often do not damage houses. Most of them nest outside. However, they can sometimes be found in utility poles or other wooden structures. For this type of termite, an expert in termite control can determine a plan to remove them.

Ending Termite Swarms

If you are worried you have a termite swarm on your hands, it is best to seek out a professional who can determine the best action to take. You will need to have your property, and home inspected to see how bad the infestation is and what can be done about it.

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