Insects and Rodents That Become More of a Nuisance in Autumn


With fall comes a change in the seasons that means colder weather and changing vegetation.  Every time there is an outdoor temperature change or a change in food sources, one can expect to encounter different types of pests.  Changing temperatures also mean that pests that can be found outside, year round, may be coming inside to avoid cold weather.  Pests you are likely to see in the all include mice, squirrels, spiders, lady bugs, stink bugs, boxelder bugs, and cluster flies.

Lady bugs are a type of beetle.  Easily recognizable by their red bodies with black spots, lady bugs are considered by many to be a “cute” pest and are even used to control other pests in some garden applications.  In fact, they are predators that eat the bugs that might otherwise destroy your plants.  In other words, if you notice a lady bug infestation and see plant damage because of it, you are probably noticing damage done by the bugs that lady bugs eat, such as aphids, and the lady bugs might be your best way to get rid of the garden-eating pests!

Stink bugs, as their name implies, are stinky!  They are brown bugs with an oval-shaped body and a pointy head.  They came to the US from China and Japan, and when cold weather hits, they often move inside and become a nuisance.  While they are unlikely to harm you, if you step on a stink bug you will quickly understand how they got their name.

Boxelder bugs are black with red markings on their wings.  They feed on all types of trees and plants, but their favorite food is the boxelder tree, and, left unchecked, they can do considerable damage to many types of seed-bearing plants.

Cluster flies are a little larger than a house fly and not only create a nuisance, but can also help spread disease.

The above fall pests are not particularly damaging to homes or gardens, but can become a real nuisance to homeowners.  Like us, they want to be warm and toasty for the winter, and even the tiniest crack allows them to enter a home.  At Viking Pest Control, we can use pesticides to help exterminate any infestation, but prevention is better than a cure.  Our fall pest prevention package targets vulnerabilities in your home, to help keep the bugs, as well as mice, squirrels, and other rodents from coming into your home for the winter.


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