Over the counter pest control products like roach motels and Raid are tempting solutions to an immediate pest control issue. Sometimes these products work, too. If you have a single roach or ant, you can spray the creature away from food or eating surfaces and get rid of the problem for the time being. However, these products generally offer little long-term help for most people with pest problems. For one, sprays like Raid are highly toxic and need to be used with the utmost care. If you are at all concerned about your health, the health of your children, and the safety of your pets, it is probably best to call a professional pest control service who uses just the right amount of just the right type of least invasive material to control the specific problems you are having.

Second, sprays like Raid will not get to the root cause of the problem and will certainly be ineffective at targeting massive infestations. Roaches and ants breed by the thousands. You cannot possibly hope to exterminate all the roach eggs with a can of Raid; doing so would be impossible for the sheer reason that the eggs will almost never be laid within eyesight or easy reach. There could also be more than one colony, or even more than one species or type of pest in your home. When you call a professional pest control, an assessment will reveal the root causes of the problem and whether you just have one pest or actually several.

Why Choose Professional Pest Control

Finally, over the counter products like Raid are not formulated to deal with every kind of pest. Their labels might promise targeting certain species of roach, lice, or tick, but ultimately, the best products on the market are developed and sold to pest control companies who are trained in how to use those products. Professional pest control services have access to the latest pesticides.


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