Like people, pests have three major needs to survive: shelter, food, and water.  While many pests can overwinter in the outdoors and can find water sources, even in the coldest weather, they are often tempted to invade homes, garages, barns, and other human-spaces for food.  Therefore, one of the best winter pest prevention tips that we can give is to secure your food so that you keep pests out of it.  However, if you have ever found yourself head-to-head with a wily pest, you may realize that securing food sources is easier said than done.

For small or moderate-sized pests, securing food is a relatively easy accomplishment.  Any food storage area, whether designated for humans, pets, or livestock, should have food that is stored in airtight containers.  All food should be in these containers; no food should be accessible to pests; garbage should be removed frequently; and any spills or drops should be cleaned up immediately.  While adhering to these standards may reflect a lifestyle change for some people, the steps are neither complicated nor exceptionally difficult to execute.

However, dealing with a larger pest, such as Norway rats, raccoons, or squirrels can make protecting food sources much more difficult.  First, many people store pet food in airtight plastic containers or store livestock food in large plastic storage bins or containers.  These containers are usually sufficient to deter small pests.  However, larger pests are known to eat through plastic to get to the food inside the storage container.  If you must store pet food outside, consider using metal garbage cans as storage units; their slick sides make it difficult for rodents to climb them, and the metal is much less susceptible to destruction.  Of course, you have to make sure you can fasten the lid; raccoons are notoriously able to knock off trash can lids to get to the contents inside.

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