Winter Pests: Firewood and the Winter Pest Problem
Viking’s Guide to Winter Pest Problems

Who doesn’t like a nice, roaring fire on a cold winter’s night? Most people think it is delightful and, if they have a fireplace, happily burn fires as often as they can, enjoying how their warmth and ambient light can make a room feel cozy and inviting with very little effort.

What most people do not think about is the connection between firewood and pests. In our fall pest series, we covered the type of pests that seek to infiltrate homes in the fall: insects and rodents try to come inside for warmth, food, and water. The wood pile where you store your firewood might create a similar safe-haven for pests, which you may unwittingly bring into your home when you bring wood inside, or invite into your home if your firewood is stored adjacent to one of your home’s exterior walls.

While any type of pest can hide in firewood, the real danger is from bugs. Stink bugs, cockroaches, spiders, Boxelder bugs, and ants can all make their homes in a woodpile. Of course, the real dangers are termites and carpenter ants; they can make a home in a woodpile and then move onto a home’s wood, which can result in cosmetic and structural damages.

While there is no way to keep all pests out of your firewood, there are ways to make it less attractive to pests. Store all firewood on raised, plastic platforms. If the firewood is stored outside year-round, you can cover it with sheets of plastic to exterminate bugs that might already be on it and make any new infestations more difficult. Store all firewood away from your home, so that any pests cannot easily move back and forth between the woodpile and your home.

Finally, before you bring any firewood inside, inspect it carefully to avoid bringing hitchhiking bests inside your home.

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