Winter Pests! When you look outside at a bare winter landscape, you may be tempted to think that all animals hibernate or go south for the winter. Many animals do become less active or seek warmer climates when temperatures drop. For example, many species of birds are migratory and fly south for the winter months. Large predators, like bears, may hibernate for the winter months. Even large herbivores seem to become less active in the cold winter months.


Rodents, like many other animals, seek out warmer environments when the cold winter weather comes. However, rodents do not migrate and they do not hibernate. Instead, the warm environments they seek out are often in homes and other buildings where they are not welcome. Rats and mice have even been known to use the ventilation systems on cars to enter the cabs of vehicles and use those areas for housing!

Disney movies would lead you to believe that rats, mice, squirrels, moles, and other rodents are sweet little forest animals, happy to lend you a hand if your dress needs mending or even help you cook a meal or two, if you happen to be a challenged sous chef. However, the reality is that rodents present a real challenge to the health and safety of your family.

Rodents Are Disease Carriers

First and foremost, wild rodents are disease carriers. These diseases include Hantavirus, leptospirosis, rabies, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis, among others. In addition to being disease carriers, they also carry pests like lice and fleas, which can also be disease carriers. For example, the bubonic plague was spread by rats, not because rats bit people, but because they carried the fleas who then bit people. Rodents can harm people through bites; not only transmitting disease, but also inflicting serious bodily injury with their bites and scratches especially on vulnerable people like babies and the elderly. Furthermore, rodents can cause serious damage to homes, including chewing up wires and creating fire hazards.
The first reaction many people have if they notice a rodent problem in their home is a mix of shame and horror. While you are right to be horrified, you should not feel ashamed. It is a myth that rodents only inhabit dirty homes.

When the weather gets cold, rodents will try to get inside any warm environment, and, if they can find a way to get into your home, they will. At Viking Pest Control, we will not only exterminate your rodent problem, but we will also help you rodent-proof your living space, to keep future invaders out!


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